Pyrithion – The Burden Of Sorrow 3 track single.

Pyrithion - The Burden of Sorrow - SingleI would be very surprised if the studio that the debut single by American band Pyrithion was recorded in is still standing judging by the 11 minutes of apocalyptic metal on show here as it crashes and thrashes at phenomenal speed. The studio is owned by Pyrithion vocalist Tim Lambesis, founder member of the band as a side project from his singing duties with As I Lay Dying. The Burden Of Sorrow was recorded over a weekend as well as the band writing more material for a full length debut album. If the new songs are as strong these 3 then it may prove to be one of the heaviest releases of 2013!

Tim has used guitarists Andy Godwin and Ryan Glisan to complete his vision. Song ideas were traded back and forth prior to recording and The Burden Of Sorrow will be released via Metal Blade on April 16th 2013.

After a thumping intro to 1st track The Invention Of Hatred, breakneck rhythms explode over a vocal delivery reminiscent of The Berzerker. The drum patterns are insane as there is no let up in the 4 minutes of mayhem. Following track Bleed Out has a vocal from the very depths of hell, roaring over a frenzied guitar and drum assault with a brief but raging guitar solo midway. The strongest track is left till last as the calm before the storm guitar intro to Rest In The Arms Of The Paralyzed Beast gives way to warp speed riffing and machine gun drumming as once again the intensity levels are way up in the red.

If you like your metal fast and brutal then Pyrithion certainly deliver. Definitely one to watch out for!


Pyrithion band line up :-

Tim Lambesis – Vocals.

Ryan Glisan – Guitar.

Andy Godwin – Guitar.


Track listing :-

The Invention Of Hatred.

Bleed Out.

Rest In The Arms Of Paralyzed Beast.


I award The Burden Of Sorrow 9.5/10.

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