Primitive Man – Scorn (Relapse)

Vomiteprimitive mand into existence from Denver Colorado in early 2012, this is the re-release of their debut record on Relapse records. Relapse has generally as a rule been on the ball when it comes to picking up bands that are primal and downright ignorant to the ears and this band are no exception. Feedback, sewage leaking from speakers, the anticipation of the first notes glued together with the drums. Did that note disappoint? This is an unholy racket paying homage to the greats like Corrupted, Noothgrush, Iron Monkey and Burning Witch with added crust. Bile filled hatred with a touch of black metal atmosphere and vocals from a subhuman being that is set on creating horror. The opening track “ Scorn” lurches and crawls along with all the elegance of a street drunk with a stream of vomit left in its wake, an 11 minute statement of intent which leaves the listener in no doubt of how this album will treat their senses. “Rags” has more of a sense of standard structure and lifts slightly out of the quagmire for a bit of respite.”I Can’t Forget” is another switch into drone territory it is an interesting departure but it spoils the flow of the first couple of tracks. “Stretched Thin” spills into crust territory for part of the song before descending back into the despair and anger of the rest of the record. This album is rage, fury and quite simply a hateful slab of desolate depravity. Overall the production is filthy with bucket loads of bottom end and guitars that are just heavily distorted but each change can be easily heard and inflicts the damage required with each chord. These guys can easily carry the flame lit by Eyehategod.

I Can’t Forget
Black Smoke
Stretched Thin
Astral Sleep


Zach Harlan – Bass
John P. Damron – Drums
Ethan McCarthy – Guitars and Vocals

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