Primal Age – A Silent Wound EP

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Primal Age

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On 26 April 2017
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As tributes go, A Silent Wound EP by Primal Age hits the crosshairs straight on.


Primal Age – A Silent Wound EP

A Silent Wound is the new EP from French hardcore outfit Primal Age.  Hailing from the city of Rouen, north west of Paris, the five piece have produced an EP of original material and a medley of Slayer songs as a tribute to late guitarist Jeff Hanneman and Mika Adjennian (Customcore Record label Manager).  Mika was responsible for the release of the Primal Age album A Hell Romance.


Featured on the EP are guest appearances from Benighted front man Julian Truchan and Loyal To The Grave front man Koba along with close friend Felipe Chehuan from Brazilian metalcore band Confronto also featuring.

After a number of listens it is clear this is a labour of love for the band who have produced three great Slayeresque songs and a Slayer medley twisted to fit their own style.  All in a good way.  They have also avoided going through the motions on the production side of things by employing American producer Zeuss to produce a high quality tribute record.

There are only four songs on the EP which is a bit of a shame as they all offer something slightly different and it would have been an experience to listen to what they could do with more of the Slayer back catalogue.

The last song on the EP, the Slayer medley Jeff, is the definite standout of the four from a hardcore perspective and more in tune with what you would normally hear from Primal Age.

On the whole, this is a fitting tribute by a band who obviously care about their art and their influences.  Never forget where you came from.  It also gives you that feeling of wanting more so an investigation into what Primal Age can offer is on the cards.

Band Members: Dimitri – Bass, Johann – Guitars, Didier – Vocals, Mehdi Abou – Drums, Thomas – Guitars.  Guest vocals from  Felipe Chehuan – CONFRONTO,  Julien Truchan – BENIGHTED & Koba – LOYAL TO THE GRAVE

Track Listing:

  1. Whistleblowers Vs World Health Organization – 3:12
  2. A Silent Wound (ft Felipe Chehuan – CONFRONTO) – 3:11
  3. Counterfeiters Of The Silence – 3:35
  4. To Jeff… (SLAYER medley – ft Julien Truchan/BENIGHTED & Koba/LOYAL TO THE GRAVE) – 4:50

Release Date: 14th April 2017

As tributes go, A Silent Wound EP by Primal Age hits the crosshairs straight on.

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