Powerwolf – Blood of the Saints

“Blood of the Saints” is the fourth album from German/Romanian power metal band Powerwolf.

The album starts off with an intro that sounds like music from a horror film – rich gothic feeling music including what sounds like a church or cathedral organ along with a raspy voice speaking in a foreign language – a horror movie sound which is perfect for the Powerwolf album given that most of their songs are about werewolves, vampires and other similar folklore as well as biblical references.

The song titles including “we drink your blood”, “night of the werewolves”, “all we need is blood” straight away tell you what to expect from the albums lyrics – plenty of horror, folklore and death.

“Sanctified with dynamite” kicks off the album proper with powerful pounding drums and a rich power metal feel, and straight away you know this is going to be a good power metal album.  With its powerful music and a very chantable chorus “Die Die Dynamite” I can see this one going down very well at gigs.

“We drink your blood” has a fairly self explanatory title.

“Murder at midnight” steps the tempo up to breakneck speed – one of two main speeds the band play at – they do power metal and faster more powerful metal.

The songs have a very rich feel to them – as well as guitars, bass and drums there are other instruments including an organ which really fills out the sound and adds a very gothic flavour to them

As well as the standard version of the album there is also a limited edition which includes a bonus CD featuring 26 minutes of orchestral music based on Powerwolf songs.

A lot of Power Metal bands are going to be scared by this album – they’re going to have to work very hard to come up with albums anywhere near this quality.  Blood of the saints is a superb power metal album, and for me its the best power metal album of the year so far.

“Blood of the saints” is out on 1st August 2011 on Metal Blade records.

Rating 8/10

Track Listing:

1. Agnus Dei (Intro)
2. Sanctified with dynamite
3. We drink your blood
4. Murder at midnight
5. All we need is blood
6. Dead boys don’t cry
7. Son of a wolf
8. Night of the werewolves
9. Phantom of the funeral
10. Die, Die, Cricified
11. Ira Sancti (When the saints are going wild)

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