Power Theory – An Axe to Grind (cd)


Power Theory was envisioned and created in 2007 by Bob “BB” Ballinger with the intention to form a True Metal band with a mix of the nwobhm, 80’s German Power Metal, and a little Bay Area Thrash thrown in to shake it up.

Power Theory became a tight metal machine playing live shows and transferred that energy right into the demo recording sessions.


The artistically minded amongst you might have noticed that the style of the artwork seems strangely familiar – it should be as the warrior cover is a picture painted by Eliran Kantor, who also painted the covers of legends like Sodom (”In War And Pieces“) and Testament (“The Formation Of Damnation“).

With this all important second album Philadelphia based Power Theory have gone all out to continue to build upon the memento that their debut album (“Out Of The Ashes, Into The Fire… And Other Tales Of Insanity“”) created.  The countless gigs and hours of long work are paying dividends with Power Theory’s signature sound taking shape, merging elements of classic nwobhm pioneers such as Saxon and WASP, Germanic Teutonic metal reminiscent of early Accept, or Kreator and early Tempa Bay Thrash such as Exodus and Testament mixed with raw vocals.


The style may not be fancy or fashionable but the songs are as metal as hell with “A Fist in the Face of God”, “An Axe to Grind”, “Pure Steel” and “On the Inside” standing out and that is what matters most.


Overall “An Axe To Grind” represents a mile stone in Power Theory’s progression from being a cult underground band, to being one known the world over, and with albums like this under their belt the future looks very promising.

Highlight of the cd: “An Axe to Grind”

Rating: 9/10


Track listing:

1. Edge of Knives;
2. Deceiver;
3. Pure Steel;
4. An Axe to Grind;
5. A Fist in the Face of God;
6. The Seer;
7. On the Inside;
8. Colossus;
9. The Hammer Strikes;


Bob Ballinger – Guitar and Backing Vocals;
Dave Santini – Lead Vocals;
Jay Pekala – Bass;
Lorin Savadore – Drums;




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