Possession – 1585 -1646 (Iron Bonehead Productions)

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On 15 August 2015
Last modified:23 September 2015


Blackened Death Thrash from Belgium, telling tales of burning witches


Possession have been battling away for only three years and already picked up an almighty buzz about them in underground circles. During 2014 they released the well received “Anneliese” 7” which was the story of Anneliese Michel who was considered possessed and died of malnutrition and dehydration brought on as result of her exorcism, this was a personal highlight of last year releases. This mini-lp tells the story of the life of a French witch “Adrienne d’Heur”, she was accused of sorcery and was later burned at the stake. This journey begins with “Obscurity – Visitation” – monks chanting, falling rain and ominous thunder before a distant buzzsaw guitar starts to cut through with a menacing riff. The single thuds of floor toms start to irregularly appear. The scene is set before the band comes crashing in at around the 6 min mark with blackened death metal controlled chaos. The EP has 3 other tracks which are varied in their approach from slow doom like dirges with fast blackened thrash sections punctuated with blast beats and full on black metal. The “guitar solos” are well placed singular notes that sweep in and out adding extra menace to proceedings. The production is a key element of this recording, the guitar whilst heavily distorted is clear with the riffs well defined even in the high speed parts. The sounds is very black metal influenced but retains clarity, the vocals are the now familiar reverb soaked sound but it works here as it is not overdone. Interestingly the band appears to be in no rush to release a full length and if they keep turning out material of this quality in short bursts I don’t think they have much to worry about.


1. Obscurity – Visitation
2. Ceremony
3. Guilty
4. Ablaze

Band Members
V. Viriakh Bass, Vocals
Pz.Kpfw Drums
I. Dveikus Guitars
Mestema Vocals

Blackened Death Thrash from Belgium, telling tales of burning witches

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