Pink Cream 69 – ‘Ceremonial’

Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial ArtworkThis unusually named German AOR band trace their roots back a quarter of a century, to 1987, and this is their 11th album – their first in 11 years and also their first with new drummer (formerly the band’s drum tech) Chris Schmidt, who replaced founder member Kosta Zafiriou, who quite on the eve of the band entering the studio,

Unfortunately, such statistics (we’ll throw in the fact that ‘Ceremonial’ is also PC69’s second album for Frontiers Records for good measure) and back story are about as interesting as it gets, as this is a disappointing, rather mundane offering which actually reminds me of a second-rate, more melodic Scorpions – especially in David Readman’s vocal delivery.

In fact, next to the excellent production, the frontman’s performance is the most impressive thing about this album, as there is no doubting that he is a powerful and dynamic singer. It’s just a pity that the material, in particular, lets him down. Tracks such as ‘Wasted Years’, ‘Let The Thunder Roll’ and ‘Right From Wrong’ – which actually features the standout guitar lick of the album – have the potential to be so much more than they actually are, which is pretty standard, mid-paced rock ‘n’ stroll.

A disappointing 3.5/10

Track list:
1. Land Of Confusion
2. Wasted Years
3. Special
4. Find Your Soul
5. The Tide
6. Big Machine
7. Let The Thunder Roll
8. Right From Wrong
9. Passage Of Time
10. I Came To Rock
11. King For One Day
12. Superman

‘Ceremonial’ is released on Frontiers Records on January 25th.

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