Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – Rebellion Bar, Manchester.

Been looking forward to this gig for quite some time and my expectations were fulfilled many times over. Through sheer hard work in the studio and onstage, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons are now showing their potential as they played a seventeen song set of raw power, supported mightily by King Creature.

Phil Campbell And The Bastard SonsThe headliners set was based heavily on their self titled EP and debut studio album Age Of Absurdity as well as some covers and a couple from Phil’s recently released solo album Old Lions Still Roar. An intro tape of ‘Highway Star’ fired up an already fervent crowd at the Rebellion Bar, first sold out gig of the tour as ‘Step Into The Fire’ was a no frills rock and roll set opener. ‘Freak Show’ was full of killer hooks and a raging guitar solo from Todd Campbell. ‘Rock Out’, the first Motorhead cover was a timeless classic. Twenty four carat heavy metal came from ‘These Old Boots’ from Phil’s solo album, (sung on it by Dee Snider) was given a good seeing to from lead vocalist Neil Starr. ‘High Rule’ raised an already high bar with some stoner rock on steroids. ‘Born To Raise Hell’ raised the roof by the band and a rabid crowd response!  The pace was brought down for a heavy, bluesy stomp of ‘Dark Days’ and ‘Get On Your Knees’ featured some lung busting left side/right side crowd participation vocals.

Sunshine kissed choruses came from a seismic cover of ‘Rockaway Beach’ and their was no pause for breath as they tore into a total wave of punk riffing for the Motorhead tribute to the Ramones, ‘R.A.M.O.N.E.S’. ‘Straight Up’, (sung by Rob Halford on Phil’s solo album) had a barbed wire sharp main riff. A balls to the wall heavy cover of ‘Silver Machine’ was roared out by the crowd! ‘We’ll come back and play here anytime” said Phil as an emotional ‘Ace Of Spades’ was dedicated to “Every member of Motorhead” and we sang every word back to him! ‘Ringleader’ took no prisoners with its velocity as ‘Big Mouth’ from their debut EP was a gnarly statement of intent. ‘Lost Woman Blues’, a venue shaking slowburner saw Phil peeling of some tasty notes that lead into some twin lead overload from him and Todd as their set drew to a close with a crowd fueled take on ‘Killed By Death’ and it was fitting that Tyla Campbell left his bass guitar feedbacking against his rig as Lemmy used to at the end of a gig

Support band King Creature went for the throats of a near full room with nine full on numbers. Choice cuts were the punchy opener ‘Live Forever’, a metal assault with roaring vocals from Dave Kellaway and a full on drum assault by Jack Bassett. ‘Down In Flames’, all brick heavy bluster and lashings of melodic vocals showed their mettle metal. They got the crowd in fine voice during ‘King For A Day’ and they aired brand new single ‘Desolation’ that proved to be their heaviest song here, just pipping first prize from epic set closer ‘Power’ which certainly lived up to its title.

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons setlist :-

Step Into The Fire.

Freak Show.

Rock Out (Motorhead cover).

These Old Boots (Phil Campbell solo album).

High Rule.

Born To Raise Hell (Motorhead cover).

Dark Days.

Get On Your Knees.

Motörhead reschedule UK tour datesRockaway Beach (Ramones cover).

R.A.M.O.N.E.S (Motorhead cover).

Straight Up (Phil Campbell solo album).

Silver Machine (Hawkwind cover).

Ace Of Spades (Motorhead cover).


Big Mouth.

Lost Woman Blues (Motorhead cover).

Killed By Death (Motorhead cover).

King Creature setlist :-

Live Forever.


Down In Flames.

Fortune Teller.

King For A Day.

Breaking Down.


Falling Down.



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