Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol

On the 23rd April Paradise Lost are set to release ‘Tragic Idol’ their 13th studio album. Recorded at The Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, England, with vocals laid down at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden and produced, mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (OPETH, BORKNAGAR), Tragic Idol is said to be a no-holds-barred album that, according to guitarist Greg Mackintosh, was “influenced more by classic metal and classic doom metal than anything else.

Will the album live up to what they say about it? Well I was going to find out for myself! I’ll openly admit I am a major Paradise Lost fan I’ve followed these guys from the early 1990’s and seen them numerous times around the UK etc. I am probably biased however I expect a lot from these guys with this album, I hope I’m not disappointed!

The heavy enchanting sound of ‘Solitary One’ starts the album off, its dark vibe and gruff vocals combined with softer backing vocals and distinctive keyboard tinkling away throughout the track starts the album off fantastically. ‘Crucify’ is another heavy weight track with roaring riffs, think classic doom meets traditional metal! Then onto ‘Fear Of Impending Hell’ a melodic slightly softer style track it still packs a powerful punch and spine tingling solos!  ‘Honesty In Death’ if you not heard this track go watch the video to check out just how good this is!

‘Theories From Another World’ and ‘In This We Dwell’ are my two favorite tracks on this album as well as being the most powerful. Fervent riffs dominate these songs, whilst despotic bass lines along with a barrage of double kicking drums and keyboards. Nick’s vocals are as powerful and masterful as ever making this a double whammy of aural pleasure!

To The Darkness’ with its rhythmic punch, invokes a sense of sadness however there is nothing lacking here! The title track ‘Tragic Idol‘has a great beat and powerful modern melodic style to it, it’s really catchy epically the chorus! ‘Worth Fighting For’ another solid track with a slew of guitars and beats combined with empathetic vocals is a delight. All too soon I’m at the final track ‘The Glorious End’ a slower very melodic track with a atrophy feel to it however it does have all the force of the other tracks as well. Its rounds the album of perfectly.

Paradise Lost have resurrected their original doom laden sound and brought it bang up to date. However this isn’t a trip down memory lane, it highlights how the band has matured as well as their diverse journey through various styles over the 20+ years that they have been going. This is a strong album and will go down well with their fans and newcomers alike!

They offer up well crafted intelligent lyrics, dexterous vocals, soaring, eerie riffs, spine tingling solos, foot stomping drum beats, pulsating bass lines, a sense of sadness and echoes of yester years during certain tracks whilst retaining their unique groove, all packaged beautifully together. Even when Nick isn’t singing there is always something going on to pique your interest. Jens Bogren’s production of the album is superb the sound is near flawless as is the archaic baroque piece of artwork design by Parisian designer Valnoir.

They played ‘Honesty In Death’ and ‘Crucify’ at Hammerfest in March both tracks sounded delightful live so I know the rest of the tracks will work just as well! Definitely catch these guys live as they are touring around the UK from Monday the 16th April!

Rating 10/10

Track listing

1. Solitary One

2. Crucify

3. Fear Of Impending Hell

4. Honesty In Death

5. Theories From Another World

6. In This We Dwell

7. To The Darkness

8. Tragic Idol

9. Worth Fighting For

10. The Glorious End


There are various editions of ‘Tragic Idol’ available as well as the standard cd version amd 180 gr. Gatefold LP

Limited 2CD Box Set – Including:-

Alternative cover artwork in matte/glossy print on the box
– CD Digipak, coated in silver foil, imprinted with glossy varnish
– Extended 24-page booklet, imprinted with glossy varnish and special Pantone gold color
– Bonus CD incl. 1 brand new studio track “Ending Through Changes” and the Spear Of Destiny cover version “Never Take Me Alive”

Strictly Limited Deluxe Box Set (box with a golden foil print)

EMP Edition (200 copies) – Including:Limited 2CD Box Set
Gatefold LP (Gold Colored Vinyl)
7 Inch (Gold Colored Vinyl)
Paradise Lost Army Cap
A1 Tragic Idol Poster
Tragic Idol Slipmat
Hand-numbered certificate of authenticity

Band Edition (250 copies) – Including:

Strictly limited 2CD Box Set
Gatefold LP (Dark Sand Marbled Colored Vinyl)
7 inch (Dark Sand Marbled Colored Vinyl)
Paradise Lost Army Cap
A1 Tragic Idol poster
Tragic Idol Slipmat

Hand-numbered certificate of authenticity



Nick Holmes – vocals
Greg Mackintosh – lead guitar
Aaron Aedy – rhythm guitar
Steve Edmondson – bass guitar
Adrian Erlandsson – drums

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