Paradise Lost – HMV Forum – 01/04/2011 (Gig)

Draconian Times a defining album for Paradise Lost & one of my favourite albums. So when it was announced there was a one off UK date in London & Draconian Times been played in its entirety I knew that I would have to go.

Ghost was the only support act for tonight. I had listened to them on MySpace before going to the gig & liked what I had heard. The Forum was about 3/5ths full when Ghost came on stage. They walked on dressed as Monks with black face masks on. The singer was dressed up as a Priest with a skeleton face. It’s seemed to be a promising set. A group of Ghost fans were down the front singing & jumping along however they failed to grab the rest of the crowd’s attention as the songs all seemed to blend into each other.

After Ghost had finished the Forum was nearly full & was buzzing with anticipation for Paradise Lost to come on.

The opening chords to Enchantment came on as the crowd was chanting ‘Paradise Lost‘. As the band members walked on the crowd went crazy. As the band went through all the songs on Draconian Times the crowd bounced & sung along with the band enjoying all that was on offer. After they had finished Draconian Times the band went off stage and we all cried out for more.

They did 2 encores that went down a treat with the crowd
First encore –
Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
True Belief
One Second
Say Just Words

Then a 5 minute break for the band; they had earned it after a truly awesome set so far. They came back and rocked us with
The Rise Of Denial
and to finish off the night in style
As I Die

We were left spent and wanting more.

I’ve seen Paradise Lost a few times & have never been disappointed. Tonight show was the best I’ve ever seen them. The guys were on superb form and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves on stage. The sound was fantastic & the light show truly dazzling at times.

The  pictures were taken with my compact from the crowd.

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