OUTLOUD-Love Catastrophe cd

Formed in 2004, the band released their debut album “We’ll rock you to hell and back again” in 2009 and was voted “best album of the year” by braveworlds.com
All the vocals are sung in English, so no worries there, in-fact if I hadn’t told you this band where from Greece, then you wouldn’t have known, as the opening track “we came to rock” kicks the record of in fine style, this is defo a melodic band with a hard edge.
You always get a few songs about love lost, won, and lost again, on an AOR release, and this record is no different, “Waiting for love”, “The night that never ends” all tread the typical path of showing the lighter side of the bands songwriting, however what lifts this record above a couple of latest releases, is the fact that the “love songs” still have an hard edge, they still rock.
“Someday” sits halfway through this release, and is played on an acoustic guitar with melodies, and counter melodies. This is the only genuine “love song” played slowly, allowing Chandler Mogel vocals to take the lead, and show us just how well he can sing. Then its straight back into full on rock mode with “Underground”. All 10 songs on this cd are very strong and its hard to pick a favorite, though “We came to rock” and “Underground” stand out as future classics.
The guitar work on the record is superb, lots of harmonics, chunky riffs and twisted solo’s, the drums pound along at a relentless pace, backed up by some solid bass work.
So if you like your AOR with a hard edge, then this is for you. 8/10.

“Love Catastrophe” will be released on 27th July 2011 through AOR Heaven records

Outloud are:

Chandler Mogel (vocals)
Bob Katsionis (Guitar & Keyboards)
Tony Kash (Guitar)
Sverd T Soth (Bass)
Mark Cross (Drums)

Track listing.
1. We came to rock
2. Falling rain
3. Live again
4. Waiting for your love
5. The night that never ends
6. Someday
7. Underground
8. Isolation game
9. Clean hands
10. Love catastrophe

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