Orphan Hate – Attitude & Consequences

“Attitude & Consequences” is the second album from German Alternative Metal band Orphan Hate.  The band formed in 1996, and after a few lineup changes recruited singer Sina Niklas in 2004.  They released their debut album “Blinded by illusions” in 2008.  They’ve toured extensively including festival appearances, and have played alongside bands including Papa roach, Amorphis, Rage, and Die Apokalyptischen reiter.

Somewhat reminiscent of In this Moment, Sina’s vocals are a mixture of screaming, shouting and singing.  Added to this we get male growling vocals.
It’s quite an interesting mix of influences – melodic death metal, alternative metal, and the sort of catchy choruses that youd associate with heavy rock.  They’ve been blended together well and the resulting album has a fairly distinctive sound which helps the band stand out.

There’s some powerful driving drums, great guitar and those powerful rocky vocals which means the music has plenty of power and pace.

If you’re a fan of bands such as In this moment, In Flames and Soilwork then this album is definitely worth checking out.

“Attitude & Consequences” will be released on 7th December 2012

Rating: 7/10

Orphan Hate are:

Sina Niklas – Vocals
Alexander Binus – Guitar
Ramin Tehrani – Guitar
Jan Sadler – Bass
Mathias Gutschmidt – Drums

Track listing:

1. These Days
2. Bring Me Down
3. Hidden Faces
4. Tired Eyes
5. Science
6. Under The Sun
7. All That I Am
8. Uncalled For
9. Solitary Man
10. From Glass And Stone
11. Dying Alive
12. End Of Something New

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