Nuclear – Jehovirus (CD)

After hearing a few tracks from Nuclear’s newly released, third studio album – Jehovirus, on the band’s Myspace profile, I was anticipating the moment that the package containing the album would hit the mat at the PlanetMosh towers. After opening the package, I was already impressed before even hearing the CD because of the detailed album artwork and visual statement.

With an open mind I fired the CD into the player indulging myself for the next 33 minutes on what could potentially be Chile’s next best thing since Tom Araya. Speaking of whom, there is definite Slayer influence in the work of Nuclear which is clearly apparent across the album, both instrumentally and vocally. Each song has a balanced composition of both fast and slow paced riffs with seamless transitions, melodic solos and thunderous percussion. Mattias Leonicio nails the brutality of vocals that accompanies the overall aggressive wall of old school thrash. Besides Slayer, bands like Metallica and Exodus have set a good example in which Nuclear are closely and propitiously following.

The intellectuality of the lyrical content is what gives the music it’s edge and meaning and what makes it what it is. Good old thrash! For all these reasons it is a big surprise to us at PlanetMosh that Nuclear is yet to be discovered by many fellow metalheads around the world.

The only real down-side to Jehovirus is that 9 songs and 33 minutes of thrash leaves you craving for more! If you’re looking for old school thrash’s next big thing, look no further because Nuclear has landed.

Track listing:

01. Belligerance
02. Criminal Solicitation
03. Asphyxia
04. Brutal Yet Precise
05. Acts Of Depravity
06. The One We Must Kill
07. World Depletion
08. On Killing
09. Defleshed

Rate: 8/10


Recorded & Mixed by Sebastian Puente
Mastered by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir)

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