NOCTEM Touring Asia, Receiving Awards & Announcing New Line Up

Noctem - Exilium Asian Assault 2015
Noctem – Exilium Asian Assault 2015

After receiving a great response from their followers & the international press and 3 European tours presenting their latest release “Exilium”, Noctem proudly announce the band will be touring Asia from March to April 2015 in a headlining tour, entitled “Exilium Asian Assault 2015”, where the band will present their latest opus to the Asian audience.


“Exilium” was released in Asia the past December 31st of 2014 through Mort Productions!


“Exilium Asian Assault 2015” will be composed by the following dates:

3.25 – Beijing / MAO Livehouse

3.27 – Chengdu / Pocket Pub

3.28 – Chongqing / Nuts Club

3.30 – Kunming / Live Bar

4.01 – Changsha / 4698 Livehouse

4.02 – Wuchang / VOX

4.03 – Zhongshan

4.04 – Shenzhen

4.05 – Guangzhou

4.06 – Urumqi / Yue Livehouse

4.07 – Bole / Voice Livehouse

4.09 – Wuwei / South Lane Bar

4.10 – Xining / TZD

4.11 – Lanzhou / City Light Livehouse

4.12 – Yinchuan / Livehouse

4.13 – Taiyuan / Musichouse

4.14 – Beijing / MAO Livehouse


Just one month before these dates, Noctem will perform in their native city (Valencia, Spain) February 20th 2015, where the band will present their new line up, composed by Beleth, Exo and 3 new members (Rhythm guitar, Bass & Drums). Parting ways with Ul and Vhert in an absolutely friendly way.


“Exilium”, the latest opus of the band,has received several awards as One of the Best Releases in 2014 by the specialized press:

Best Albums in 2014 by Pandemonium Tv 

Best Albums in 2014 by Metal Descent

Eidolon” between the 10 most gory videos in 2014 by

The Adamantine Doors” between the 100 Best Heavy Metal songs in 2014 by Metal Descent

Best Albums in 2014 by The Noise HourEidolon

#5 in the Top Videos in 2014 by Headbangers LatinoAmerica

Band of the Year 2014 for Metal Girls in Action

Best Albums in 2014 by Nekronos Promotion

Best Albums in 2014 by

Best Albums in 2014 by Necromance

Best Albums in 2014 by Subterraneo Heavy

Best Albums in 2014 by Global Metal Apocalypse

Best Albums in 2014 by La Heavy Magazine (Diva Satanica)

Best Albums in 2014 by Trueno Metalico 

Best Albums in 2014 by Mirada Alternativa

Best Albums in 2014 by MetalCry


“Exilium” is now available on AGR Online , Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and also on Plastic Head Distribution, Code 7, TWS Distribution, NonStop Music, Discogs, Violent Journey Records, World Clinic and specialized stores!!!


Stay tuned in the coming days for further information!!!


More info on the band:

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