No Guerra – Ahonikenk (CD)


I stumbled across the band the other day and was quite literally blown away by what I heard, so much so I actually asked them for a copy of the album to review (I was that impressed).

No Guerra, meaning No War, was formed back in 2000 in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

Originally starting as a covers band, No Guerra worked its way up through the underground Argentinean metal scene and finally released this offering though the independent record label Burning The Time Records.

With sounds reminiscent of the early “Arise” era Sepultura, No Guerra are rapidly branching out from being a band with a cult underground following to one of growing international stature, and their upcoming tour of Brazil is a clear indication of the direction that this band is taking.

Trust me when I say that WHEN this band hit the UK, I will be very surprised if they do not follow in the footsteps of Sepultura by dominating the heavier side of the music scene for years to come.

From the first notes of En Llamas, right through to the last chords of Marginacion there is not a single fault with this amazing album.

Rammstein successfully proved that you can sing in a language other than English, in a foreign country, and still be successful.   No Guerra will follow that trend.

The Highlight of this amazing album: No Se puede Olvidar



Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. Intro En Llamas
2. No Pasaran
3. Somos Fuertes Somos Mas
4. Proponen Poner El Mundo a Sus Pies
5. No Se puede Olvidar
6. Incendio Del Poder
7. Amor Destroy
8. Fuerza Activa
9. Violencia En Tu Mente
10. Marginacion

No Guerra website:


Javier Barrientos: Drums Diego Ysasmendi: 1st Guitar Sebastian Garcia: 2nd Guitar EKY Rodríguez: Bass Jair Rodriguez: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

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