Nik Turner of Space Ritual interview London 19/11/11

I had the privilege to catch up with Nik Turner prior to the Space Ritual gig in London.

There are 2 parts to the interview, the first part was done before the sound check and the second part was done post sound check outside, this starts from where we left off.

Part 1 Nik talks about how Space Ritual was formed, how they got the name, various gigs that they have done, before moving on to his interests which include Mayan and Egyptology.

A very big thank you to Nik for taking the time out from your busy schedule to do this interviews for PlanetMosh.










Part 2 of the interview with Nik Turner after  the bands sound check ,where we have moved outside to a park bench.

He continues discussing about the bands and people he has played with and his love of Mayan and Egyptology.













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