Nickelback & Monster Truck – Genting arena, Birmingham – 14th October 2016

Monster Truck

Nickelback may be a band that people love to mock, but the simple fact is they make albums of rock music that sells millions of copies, and have a huge fanbase.  Add to that the fact that when I’ve seen them before they’ve put on a great show, and the decision to go and see their show was an easy one.  The bonus was that Monster Truck were support for the tour and I’ve been hearing nothing but good reports about them.

By the time Monster Truck came on stage the arena was busy – yes there were some people in the bar, but they really made a mistake in not coming in to see Monster Truck.  Damn these guys were good.  Rock and roll played how it should be – loud and powerful.  The band looked to be having a great time on stage and seemed completely confident and at home in this big arena.  They really do put in a great show – this is one band that I really want to see again.

Then it was time for Nickelback.  They’re a band that just make it look easy, and their fans lap it up.  In some ways it’s pointless to review Nickelback – their critics will hate them whatever a review thinks, and their fans love them so much they don;t care either.  Tonight several thousand fans are having a fantastic time  enjoying Nickelback doing what they do best – playing popular rock music.  Live they do sound heavier than on their albums, and if more people were willing to actually give them a chance and see them play live they’d probably come away very impressed.  With it being a couple of years since their last album then it’s basically a “best of” type set tonight.  It’s not just the massive hits such as “Photograph” and “Rockstar” that get the crowd having fun though – it’s the entire set.

A great gig – Monster Truck put in a superb performance and really impressed me, then Nickelback followed it with a great set.  Both bands were great, but Monster Truck were the one that impressed me most tonight with their music.  I don;t think it’ll be too long before they’re headlining arenas.

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