NEXILVA release new song ‘The Misdirection of God’ + album release date announced

The UK’s finest young hope for progressive death metal, Nexilva, have today released a new track from their upcoming album, Eschatologies, out April 7th.

Have a listen to ‘The Misdirection of God‘ right here:

A rollercoaster of a ride through the lands of deathcore, black, death, and technical metal, Eschatologies is a disarmingly progressive and mature release from an impressively young band. All aged from 20-22, Nexilva grew from a passionate urge to simply create; this certainly comes across in Eschatologies, the band’s third release. The product of over eighteen months of careful craftsmanship, it’s an album both earth-shattering and apocalyptic. From the fantastical (demonic prophecies and living dead epidemics) to the realistic (nuclear devastation), Eschatologies takes you on a journey which you’ll be craving to repeat again and again.

As impressive live as in the studio, Nexilva caught the eyes of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer at Tech-Fest 2013, having played the same festival the previous year. Young veterans of the death metal circuit, the band have undertaken four UK headline tours, toured with Exist Immortal and played alongside Aliases and The Algorithm; a fairly incredible feat considering Nexilva are barely out of their teens.

nexilva_cover1) I: Teste Humanitatem Mori
2) The Misdirection of God
3) Our Progenitor
4) This Is Humanity
5) II: Scientaia Tenebris
6) Necromancer
7) The Collapse
8) Eschatologies
9) Cybernetic Lucidity
11) Premonitions (ft. Ricky Lee Roper)
12) Invasion
13) Evil Will Prevail (ft. Meyrick De La Fuente)
14) IV: Non Magis Adrogantiam

See more about the band here:

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