Necroholocaust – Holocaustic Goat Metal (Iron Bonehead)

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On 6 October 2014
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Christ bashing, black death grinding madness

NECROHOLOCAUST_COVERCanadian Black/Goat Metal band Necroholocaust have now delivered a full length after an 11 year existence and a myriad of 7” split releases. They continue the tradition of Christ bashing violence as laid down by forefathers such as Blasphemy and Conqueror. From the beginning this is utter chaos, riffs bashed out, drums thunderously rumble with cymbals raining down to enhance the frenetic atmosphere. The weakness lies in the vocal department, grunts so often heard on old death metal demos before the bands really got to grips with production values and putting more thought into the style of vocal. This album invokes an uneasy atmosphere  when they start to add in brief periods of ambience to proceedings. The second half of the album is less chaotic and tends to use weight and take the pedal of the speed in place and gets down to some severe carnage with the riffs. Production for this kind of music is usually lo-fi and messy, this certainly has a higher degree of production value and one that certainly lifts it above the pack. Unfortunately it is let down by the vocals, although it is still an enjoyable uncomfortable listen.

Band Members

Grimlord of Atomic Nuclear Hate Guitars
Black Plague of War and Disease Vocals, Guitars
Bloodlust Abominator of Ritual War Incantations Drums
Goat Plague Messiah Bass, Vocals



Side A:
1. Rise Of Antichrist (Victory Command)
2. Sadomasochrist
3. Altar of Plagues
4. Slaughter the Lamb
5. Defile the House Of God
6. Deathraid Of Intolerance

Side B:
1. Inverted Christ
2. Infinite Death Prophecy
3. Bleed the Baphomet

Christ bashing, black death grinding madness

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