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On 19 August 2014
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New blood from Dublin playing homage to the Stoner and Doom gods.

Nautilus - Shoot 1Nautilus are a 5 piece Stoner Doom act from Dublin Ireland. They began as a recording project in 2011 and released their first Ep ‘Trials’ in early 2013 and since have been gigging regularly around the Irish gig circuit. This is their second ep which boasts 6 tracks clocking in at the half hour mark making it good value for money. From the very start it is obvious where these guys influences have been dragged from; it has The Obsessed, St. Vitus, Solace and Orange Goblin pouring out of the speakers. The guitar sound is perfectly placed with just the right distortion to give that stoner doom vibe. It is very reminiscent of the early obsessed sound. The songs are a good length and do not labour the point of the riff, they keep things concise so as to inflict maximum damage. There is a good mix of fast and slow sections and as a promo it showcases the band well. The only criticism to level at the band is the vocals, they are too death metal for this style and it could benefit greatly with a more coherent vocal style. The music style and vocals do not necessarily fit well together especially when they get into the big groove powered riffs. For a second release it is an admirable job and definitely should be a band worthwhile going to see live. Catch them in November with Conan in Dublin.


1. Outlaws
2. Cast the Final Stone
3. Crushing Idols
4. Nine
5. Days Turned Dust
6. The Old Ghosts

Band Members

Connor O’Brien – Drums
Alan Hanlon – Bass Guitar
John Leonard – Guitar
Cloaky Jones – Guitar
Cathal Hughes – Vocals

New blood from Dublin playing homage to the Stoner and Doom gods.

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