NASA Assassin – ‘Area 69’

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NASA Assassin

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On 29 April 2014
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"From the first note right through to the last it's in your face. "

NASA Assassin - Area 69 ArtworkNASA Assassin are a five piece from Northern Ireland, but where I can not say as they describe themselves as being from outer space. They have been together for approximately 9 – 10 years and have just release their debut album titled Area 69.  The album has been produced by Peter Pratt and the band themselves. Recorded and mixed at Blueroom Studios. Enough about the back ground details and down to the album it’s -self.

From the first note right through to the last it’s in your face.  Technically, it is well produced and has a clean sound with the drums as much to the for as the guitars are.  There is definitely a dark side to the lyrics as is very evident in the first track ‘Nasa Assassin’ when they tell us that ‘The writings on the wall, the human race will fall.’

It is clearly true that all members if this band are accomplished musicians as through out this album all elements blend together perfectly. Although lyrically they have a dark side (as I have already mentioned) there is some humour in certain places with quirky sounds effects included in some of the tracks and a reference to a classic fairy tale with ‘If you go down to the woods today your in for a big surprise.’ included in ‘One Man Crime Wave’ (which made me giggle).

This album keeps it’s heaviness musically until the last track ‘Super Collider’ which is a much softer track than the rest and tells us to ‘fade away’ and a fitting wind down to a full frontal album.

Having seen this band live I personally don’t think this album showcases just how good a band they really are. Their live performances are high energy and to me this doesn’t come across on the album.


NASA Assassin / Not Givin’ Up Livin’ (To Live) / Sexy Nervous Breakdown / NASA City Rockers / One Man Crime Wave / White Panacea / Mystified / The Road To Forever / Twitch In The Kitchen / Super-Collider

Recommended listening:  ‘Not Givin’ Up Livin’ (To Live)’

‘Area 69’ is out now.

"From the first note right through to the last it's in your face. "

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