Mysteria – QED

mysteria - qedMysteria are a female fronted band from Finland.  They formed in 2005 and have released an EP (Out of the blue) in 2007, the ‘Prefatory’ album in 2011, and have now released ‘QED’.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

The album kicks off with ‘Time to go’, and the opening section really has more of a pop than rock or metal feel.  That is purely down to the vocals which have that light uplifting pop feel to them.  Once the drums and guitars kick in a bit more then the rock feel gradually comes in, but this is definitely a song thats part pop part rock.

‘Key 2’ is a much heavier song – the guitars are a lot more prominent and the keyboards less so, and there’s more of a rocky feel to the vocals.

‘Live on Mars’ combines some electronic beats along with the rock/metal guitar sounds and some lovely vocals.

The closing track, ‘If I’ is somewhere between a ballad and a folk song.  It’s composed simply with just acoustic guitar and vocals

It’s a very good album – there’s a huge amount of variety here – if anything a bit too much as it does leav the album feeling more like a collection of songs of different types rather than an album of songs that belong together.

Rating: 7.5/10

‘QED’ is out now.

Track listing:

1. Time to go
2. Key 2
3. Stand back
4. No fear
5. Learning to read
6. Morning lights
7. Rain
8. Live on Mars
9. Beat of one
10. Freefalling
11. If I

Mysteria are:

Niki – Vocals & Keyboards
Randi – Guitar & Keyboards
JJ – Guitar
Jake – Bass
Perttu – Drums

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