My Dying Bride – The Manuscript (EP)

My Dying Bride ManuscriptMy Dying Bride returns with “The Manuscript”. A four track EP of new material spanning 27 minutes, filled from pillar to post with trademark doomage.  Formed in 1990, My Dying Bride were part of the blessed Trinity of English Doom Metal alongside Anathema and Paradise Lost. The evolution of their sound has been steadfast and focused. “The Manuscript” follows on seamlessly from their last Long Player, “A Map of All Our Failures”.

A band that has always carried misery and melancholy as a comforting shroud, Aaron Stainthorpe and co. are never going to win awards for levity, but they will be rewarded by the loyal devotion of fans who relate with their heartfelt despondency.Each of the tracks on offer is a tale of words and music crafted by masters of storytelling.

The crestfallen guitar on “The Manuscript” is almost slothful alongside the solemn violin refrain that echoes Stainthorpe’s mournful sentiment before a brief moment of increased tempo towards the acoustic finale. The death doom of “Var Gud Over Er” invokes the spirit of early My Dying Bride, yet remains true to their sound. The sorrow evoking “A Pale Shroud of Longing” is at times funereal between crushing riffing. The spoken word introduction to final track “Only Tears to Replace Her With” is Bard-like. A modern day poet sits at the helm of My Dying Bride and his lugubrious lamentation only serves to heighten their emotional output.

My Dying Bride is a band that helped define a scene and on “The Manuscript”, continues to enthrall and enlighten.


“The Manuscript” will be released 13th May 2013 on Peaceville Records.

Tracklisting :

1. The Manuscript

2. Var Gud Over Er

3. A Pale Shroud Of Longing

4. Only Tears To Replace Her With


Personnel :

Aaron Stainthorpe – lead vocals

Andrew Craighan – guitar

Hamish Glencross – guitar

Lena Abé – bass

Shaun MacGowan – violin, keyboards


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