MUTILATED VETERANS Premiere New Track ‘A Tank Full of Corpses’

Mutilated Veterans
Mutilated Veterans

Death-crust titans MUTILATED VETERANS premiere the new track “A Tank Full of Corpses” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band’s debut 12″ MLP, Necro Crust Warhead, set for release today via HELLS HEADBANGERS. Exactly what its title says, Necro Crust Warhead is a hulking, heaving mass of utter D-beat destruction, galloping like the four horsemen of the apocalypse on the bones of the battlefield’s dead. But far from being mere Discharge plagiarists, MUTILATED VETERANS up-ratchet the D-beat idiom with a molten metallic might that handily trounces even the most “brutal” death metal band – not surprising here, as erstwhile Machetazo founder Dopi is one of the MUTILATED VETERANS. The mission of Necro Crust Warhead is absurdly simple: get in, get out, and CRUSH-KILL-DESTROY. This is the future of No Future… Hear the possibilities of life’s destruction exclusively HERE, courtesy of


Tracklisting for MUTILATED VETERANS’ Necro Crust Warhead

1. March of the Mutilated (intro)

2. War Funeral

3. Blood Militia

4. A Tank Full of Corpses

5. Triumph of Torture

6. Carnage Warfare

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