Motley Crue – The End – Live in Los Angeles

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Motley Crue

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On 16 October 2016
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It's a great live release and one that Motley Crue fans really need in their collections.

On 31st December 2015, Motley Crue brought their existence as a touring band to an end, having signed a legally binding declaration that they would stop touring as Motley Crue.  The final show took place at the Staples centre in their hometown of Los Angeles and saw fans travelling from around the world to mark the end of an era.  With a career of over 30 years, for many fans this was a band they’ve grown up listening to.

On 4th November 2016 Eagle Rock Entertainment will release this spectactular concert on DVD and BluRay as well as a Deluxe edition containing the DVD, BluRay and CD in a 60 page hardback book.

It’s a really well put-together release, opening with fans giving their comments about the band, before the show starts, and what a show it is.  If you’re going to put on an arena tour, fans expect a spectacle and Motley Crue really know how to put on a spectacular show – with the stage set, the pyro and a great lighting rig, it’s off to a great start but then you get the over-the-top elements thrown in, such as Tommy Lee’s famous rollercoaster drum kit (which on this occasion decided to malfunction and required the crew to rescue him), and Nikki Six’s flamethrower bass guitar that fires jets of flame 30ft into the air as he plays, and for the finale, cherry pickers flying the band members out over the crowd.  It really is a fantastic show.

Musically the band are in great form, with the only weak link being Vince Neil.  I’m not sure if he just doesn’t warm up vocally before a show but for the first part of the show his voice sounded awful, but by the end it was sounding far better.  With a set packed with classic songs though, he’s able to get away with a less than perfect vocal performance as so many people in the crowd know the songs so well that they can sing along with ease.

It’s good to see that there was no editing out of bit that didn’t work perfectly (such as the breakdown of the drumkit rollercoaster) or replacing them with footage from other shows, so it’s a true record of that final show.

It’s a great live release and one that Motley Crue fans really need in their collections.

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. Girls girls girls
3. Wild side
4. Primal scream
5. Same ol’ situation
6. Don’t go away mad (just go away)
7. Rock’n’Roll part II / Smokin’ in the boys room
8. Looks that kill
9. Motherfucker of the year
10. In the beginning / Shout at the devil
11. Louder than hell
12. Drum solo
13. Guitar solo
14. Saints of Los Angeles
15. Live Wire
16. TNT (Terror ‘N Tinseltown) / Dr Feelgood
17. Kickstart my heart
18. Home sweet home
19. My way (credits)

It's a great live release and one that Motley Crue fans really need in their collections.

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