Moonspell, ‘Alpha Noir’ cd review.


Although the band have been around for many years now, this is their first release since signing to Napalm Records last year, and as much as I’ve liked much of the previous output it seems apparent that a label switch has benefited all parties concerned. The level of enthusiasm and energy that exudes from this album is immediately noticeable, indeed you might say that the band has been given a new lease of life.
Opener ‘Axis Mundi’ sets the tone for what is to come perfectly, dark and demonic, hard and heavy riffs balanced with soul splitting vocals. The title track ‘Alpha Noir’ is an absolute masterpiece, surely the band have written nothing finer, not that anything that follows is any way shape or form weak, ’Em Nome Do Medo’ for example with it’s Gothic chanting, ’Opera Carne’, another Gothic tinged triumph.
This album is a testament to those that stick to their beliefs and refuse to bow to fad and fashion, a vindication of a band that whilst sticking to their core beliefs have continued on a quest to improve and develop the Moonspell sound.
On an additional note, if you are getting the album be sure and get the special edition, which features an extra disc titled ’Omega White’ which is a more atmospheric offering along the lines of Type O Negative and gives the perfect foil to it’s darker sibling.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Axis Mundi.
2. Lickanthrope.
3. Versus.
4. Alpha Noir.
5. Em Nome Do Medo.
6. Opera Carne.
7. Love Is Blasphemy.
8. Grandstand.
9. Sine Missione.

Moonspell are;
Fernando Ribeiro – Vocals.
Miguel Gaspar – Drums.
Ricardo Amorim – Guitar.
Pedro Paixao – Keyboard/Guitar.
Aires Pereira – Bass.

‘Alpha Noir’ is released on the 27th of April via Napalm Records.

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