Moonloop – Deeply from the earth

Founded in Barcelona in 2001, Spanish Metal band Moonloop play progressive death metal (think Gojira and early Opeth).  Unusually these days, Moonloop are a band who have kept their lineup unchanged since forming ten years ago.  Their name comes from the album Moonloop, by prog band Porcupine tree, which gives an indication as to the sort of bands that have influenced them.

Over the years they’ve released several demos and are now ready to release their album on Listenable records.  They’ve got plenty of experience playing live, having supported bands such as Anathema and playing a number of festivals including the Sant Climent festival, Riells Death Metal Fest, Burning Hell Fest and Move Your Fucking Brain.

The album has been mixed at The Room studios by Gorka Dresbaj and mastered at Mastering Room AB (Sweden) by Goran Finnberg

So what to expect from the album?  Vocally its primarily Death metal growling style vocals but some of the songs do include clean vocals too with a more prog feel.

A few brief comments on some of the tracks…

“Deceiving time” is the most prog sounding track and is the least heavy of the songs on the album.  The vocals are clean without the usual death metal growls and the song shows the band has a lighter side to their music.

The next track, “Legacy of fear” quickly returns us to the heavy death metal.

“Wailing road” starts with more of the prog sound and clean vocals before things get heavier and the death metal growls are unleashed.

There is plenty of variety in the album, with crushing death metal riffs and growling vocals giving way to clean vocals with intricate delicate guitar work, and plenty in between.  This elevates Moonloop above being a typical death metal band – their prog influenced sound adds hugely to their music and makes the album so much more enjoyable in my opinion.

Deeply from the earth is a great album and one that deserves to win Moonloop a lot of new fans.

“Deeply from the earth” is due to be released on 28th May via Listenable records.

Rating: 7/10

Moonloop are:

Eric Baule (vocals, guitar)
Juanjo Martin (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Raul Payán (drums)
Vic Granell (bass)

Track listing:

1. Awaking Spirals Of Time
2. Beginning Of The End
3. A Life Divided
4. Fading Faces
5. Strombus
6. Deceiving Time
7. Legacy Of Fear
8. Wailing Road
9. Landscape
10. Atlantis Rising

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