MONOMYTH to release new album ‘Further’ in September

Monomyth are set to release their brand new record ‘Further’ through Suburban on 22nd September 2014. The underlying theme of the album is movement and traveling. On “Further”, Monomyth introduces a vessel in which you can take place and travel through inner and outer space. You move through the orbits of heavenly bodies.

MONOMYTH Further“Further” provides you with an aural map, which points you in the right direction. But what is the right direction? It might bring you closer to your destination, it might lead you astray, it may bring you to a head-on impact. The point is to keep moving, to break out of the known.

Monomyth is a journey in sound. It is the sound of five men exploring the outer reaches of their musicianship and traveling beyond them. The band is designed to transport their audience to another state of being, a place that is both new and familiar.

Hailing from the Hague in The Netherlands, each member has a varied musical background. Apart from playing in bands, their collective experience includes being a producer, a sound technician, a monitor mixer, a lighting engineer, a DJ and a student of sonology.

From the inception the intention was for Monomyth to be an instrumental rock band. The members also wanted to present their music as a total experience, a collective statement from five very diverse people.

Monomyth originated in The Hague in 2011. Right from the start Monomyth was intended to be an instrumental band. Through their collective experience, the members move with assurance and clarity towards their common musical goal: progressive transcendence.

‘Further’ is released through Suburban on 22nd September 2014. The album is distributed through Shellshock in UK.


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