Molly Karloff – Supernaturalation EP

Molly Karloff

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On 1 April 2020
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Good golly Molly, what a belter of an EP!

Molly Karloff – Supernaturalation EP

Molly Karloff, a new band to me, another UK trio and thankfully recommended by Peter Noble from Noble PR, come across with the smart talking suss of Therapy and the melodic leanings of Ash, point proven by the tongue twisting title of their latest EP Supernaturalation.

Available now via Roulette Records, the Oxford/London based noisy gang open up with the brick heavy but catchy main riff of the title track. A melodically howled lead vocal from frontman Simon Gee got my attention immediately. It fueled up for the choruses and a tasty wah-wah guitar solo pinned down by the watertight rhythm section of Dan Podbery on bass guitar and Jowie Adkins on drums. ‘She Said’, the first single released from the EP is a laid back chugger peppered with bullish dynamics and more standout guitar work.

They seem to fit a helluva lot in the four minutes of ‘Do You Wanna?’ as a jabbing riff surges over a manic vocal with fast footed drumming leading to a full on headbanging outro. The heaviness factor is upped by ‘Do It Again’ as they bludgeon with some stunning stoner rock vibes. The EP seems to end way too soon with ‘The Other Side’. Curiously the main riff had me hooked by its similarity to ‘Life’s Been Good’ by Joe Walsh. It’s another barnstorming delivery as they make a right racket for a three piece as the grooves hypnotize all the way to the end. A real feel good end to a very impressive release.

Supernaturalation EP track listing :-


She Said.

Do You Wanna?

Do It Again.

The Other Side.

Molly Karloff band line up :-

Simon Gee – Guitar/vocals.

Dan Podbery – Bass guitar.

Jowie Adkins – Drums.



Good golly Molly, what a belter of an EP!

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