MODESTEP – Evoloution Theory

Quite simply, the best ‘crossover’ album you will ever own.modestep cover



At last it’s here! Not far off two years in the making, the London Dubstep/Rock band are about to unleash this monster of an album on the eagerly awaiting public and trust me, it’s a wait worth while.
By their own admission, Josh, Tony, Matthew and Nick have poured their hearts and souls into this album, perhaps explaining why the release date had been pushed to February as opposed to the original release date planned for September ’12. If you’re familiar already with Modestep and let’s face it how couldn’t you be, top 20 chart singles, Radio One A-List airplay, sold out live shows, that doesn’t come about by not getting yourself known, then you’ll have an inkling of what to expect from this debut album. If your not previously au fait with the work of the band though, then you are in for a serious treat.
So, what will your hard earned pennies get you when buying this album? Well, pretty much the entire spectrum of musical genres really, there’s something for everyone here, Rock, ’Steppers and Rap fans alike should all be feeling the love after giving it a spin.
The singles of course are all here, as you would expect, including latest release ’Another Day feat. Popeska’ but the real gems lie waiting to be discovered, the title track for example, featuring the Rap and Garage talents of D Power, Jammin, Frisco & Jammer is a masterpiece, building slowly up to a crescendo of guitar and Dubstep that is jaw dropping. ’Praying For Silence’, with it’s lyrical slant based around the London riots is as hard hitting as it is passionate, “We’re praying for silence and now we’re burning with violence” says it all.
Modestep, right from the off, have had a reputation for putting on a kick ass live show and this vibe comes across on the album as well, you’ll be pleased to hear, tracks such as ’Freedom’, which is a killer Rock track, full of raw power and energy, balanced against the aforementioned ’Another Day’ are both songs screaming out to be included in the live set. However it’s not all high energy dance and rock music on show here, which to be honest the band could have settled for doing as they do it bloody well, no, also you’ll revel in some really trippy and dreamy compositions as well, ’To The Stars’ is one you may already be familiar with but also check out ’Leave My Mind’ and the stunningly beautiful ’Take It All feat. Koven’ and allow your senses to be truly uplifted and enhanced.
This album could and should end up becoming the benchmark for all others to aspire to, an hours worth of THE best crossover music you will ever have the pleasure of listening to. The album ends with the sublime ’Saved The World’ and in a way, they may just have done that.modestep logo

Rating 10/10.


Track Listing;

1. Show Me A Sign.
2. Another Day feat. Popeska.
3. Evolution Theory feat. D Power, Jammin, Frisco & Jammer.
4. Sunlight.
5. Praying For Silence feat. Document One.
6. Freedom.
7. Time.
8. Burn feat. Newham Generals.
9. To The Stars.
10. Leave My Mind.
11. Take It All feat. Koven.
12. Feel Good.
13. Bite The Hand.
14. Up.
15. Saved The World.

Modestep are;modestep band

Josh Friend.
Tony Friend.
Matthew Curtis.
Nick Tsang.

‘Evoloution Theory’ will be released on the 11th February through A&M/Max Records.




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