Modern Day Escape “Under the Gun” Review

Riding on the teen rock wave of success of fellow label mates Black Veil Brides, Modern Day Escape have released their 2nd album ‘Under the Gun’ at what is poised to be either an exciting year ahead or to be named as the twin band to BVB.

Unfortunately Modern Day Escape has been and probably will for the future be compared to BVB, not only is their drummer, Sandra Alva, a former member of BVB but their songs are very much similar sounding.  A slight comparison being Modern Day Escape have released an album that lacks enthusiasm and creativity resulting in a dullness to the entire record, whereas at least with BVB the songs have a spark and you can last more than 2 tracks without wanting to turn off the album.

However, despite the tediousness of the album, there is regrettably a market for this band. For the tweenation of our society who follow Escape The Fate, BVB, You Me At Six and/or A Day To Remember, in their eyes are possibly a great new discovery, yet musically the album sits on the “generic run of the mill” shelf of bands that most likely will not last to see themselves reaching the front cover of kerrang! or Rocksound….or if they manage it, have hired a fantastic PR manager as the music certainly doesn’t sell the band.

The album has the potential for some great tracks to be produced, regrettably what has been released sounds as if the band are still at the work-in-progress stage of song writing.  Tracks “Don’t Hold it Against Me”, “Playing the Victim” and the ballad  “Voiceless” are good, but they do require some level of creativity for them to become major hit singles. The band has fallen short of what could have been a good release, the songs lack an injection of energy and although having a commercial sound the songs aren’t reaching heights of potential.

Modern Day Escapes’ second album ‘Under the Gun’ falls short of expectations, the album is bland and lacks the creative spark.  If BVB weren’t on the scene, this band may have had probability in their favour to grow into a worldwide phenomenal (or most hated) average band for the young generation who haven’t yet discovered Metallica’s “Black Album”.


Album Rating: 4/10

For Fans Of: Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate


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