Mob Rules – Cannibal Nation

Cannibal Nation is the 7th studio album from German melodic metal band Mob Rules and it sees them at masters of their craft. Formed in 1994 by current members, vocalist Klaus Dirks and Matthias Mineur in Oldenburg, Cannibal Nation raises the bar for others to improve on.

It will be released via AFM Records on Oct.19th and 2012 and is a worthy addition to any fan of Iron Maiden, Dragonforce and Nighwish. Led by the soaring vocal range of Klaus, all 9 songs ooze top notch musicianship with the other 5 members all playing key roles.

Highlights are album opener Close My Eyes. Just over 6  minutes of mid paced power metal. Klaus’ emotional vocal delivery with washes of keyboards, huge choruses and 2 minutes of guitar solos bringing to mind early Dragonforce. Following track Lost’s power chords and killer guitar solo at 3 minutes is reminiscent of 80’s era Michael Schenker Group.

Tele Box Fool, again with a Dragonforce type intro sees Klaus hitting Bruce Dickinson notes with 2 minutes of keyboard/guitar solos midway. First single off the album Ice Fire is a 7 minute power ballad following it’s baroque style guitar intro.

Soldiers Of Fortune is classic era Styx like pomp with another catchy chorus. The Sirens is an apt title for a song that sees Klaus hitting high notes once more in this uptempo melodic metal song.

Closing track Sunrise is my favourite off the album. It’s string led intro segues into a ballad similar to Rainbow’s Eyes Of Fire with a stunning shimmering guitar solo midway.

No fillers on this album! 45 minutes of high standard metal that sound better and better each time Cannibal Nation is played.


Mob Rules band line up :-

Klaus Dirks – Lead vocals.

Matthias Mineur – Guitars.

Sven Ludke – Guitars.

Jan Christian Halfbrodt – Keyboards.

Markus Brinkmann – Bass guitar.

Nikolas Fritz – Drums.


Cannibal Nations track listing :-

Close My Eyes.


Tele Box Fool.

Ice Fire.

Soldiers Of Fortune.

The Sirens.

Scream For The Sun.

Cannibal Nation.



I award Cannibal Nation 9/10.

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