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On 30 April 2023
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Ain't no dross on Third Eye Open, latest studio album recently released by Mike Ross!

With the recent release of studio album Third Eye Open on Taller Records, Brighton based Mike Ross is definitely the boss with these twelve speaker rattling songs and I’ll admit to not expecting it to be this heavy, point proven by album opener ‘I Swear’. Wailing guitar feedback intro is crushed by a gargantuan main riff that eases into a drum driven snare snarl providing the perfect foil to let Mike rip into a caustic lead vocal.

Bass guitar bludgeon opens ‘Cool Water’ along with monstrous guitar riffs and vocals are delivered with a harrowing howl, taking a breather midway for sugar sweet choruses.

‘Third Eye Open’ is a surreal eight minute epic that lumbers along on big fat grooves of tectonic plate shifting power. A lengthy spoken word midsection adds an eerie vibe to almost psychedelic, trippy rhythms until slowly but surely the heaviness returns for a claustrophobic outro.

‘Born To Me’ is a dirt under the fingernails country tinged toetapper of what sounds like a banjo twang as raunchy electric riffs add muscle to an already bruising number, ending on a turbocharged outro.

‘Fallen Down’ is sheer beauty to bring summer to us earlier than expected. A pleading vocal soars skywards on a rock solid backbeat, peppered with fretboard fury!

All shout “Yeehaw” as ‘Face By Your Window’ is a rootin tootin straight from the hip shootin rabble rouser of barroom boogie belligerence par excellence as Mike pushes his vocals vociferously, ending on sultry slide guitar.

“Hallelujah! Praise be” as ‘The Preacher’ is a grinder that grates along on a rock stomp that could move mountains.

‘Ugly Brain’ sees Mike channel his inner James Gang for a burst of a sassy, classy party starting and finisher of armageddon inducing power.

‘Eulogy’ is a serene slice of sultry blues as a haunting vocal heavies up towards an ethereal outro.

A bonafide heartmelter comes from ‘(Be With You) Tonight’. Right from the off beautiful guitar lines shimmer throughout as Mike shares vocals with Jess Hayes that picks you up and drops you like a stone effortlessly such is its majesty, point proven by a poignant outro solo.

‘Never No More’ is a real powerhouse as this heart worn on the sleeve song seems to be Mike’s outlook on life, point proven by a rant of “I never hear this kind of story on my radio, it’s all about the chorus that the words just ebb and flow, stripped to their own meaning where the message can be told. I won’t be sold, never never never, never no more!”. A midway guitar solo lights the fuse to end on a howl of feedback.

Album closer ‘Kicks Like A Mule’ lives up to its title for this highly impressive release with a spotlight stealing vocal that pins down this sturdy song, chock full of heavenly guitar solos and wrist snapping snare work.

Mike declares “Third Eye Open is a real boneshaker of a record. My literal life’s work has been to make authentic, heartfelt music.

Purchase links to Third Eye Blind are here :- https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/mikeross/third-eye-open I https://www.facebook.com/themikerossband I https://twitter.com/spindriftmike I https://www.instagram.com/mike_ross_music/ I https://open.spotify.com/artist/5czSB0z5jZnHr9zV37RU1h

Third Eye Blind album track listing :-

I Swear.

Cool Water.

Third Eye Open.

Born To Me.

Fallen Down.

Face By Your Window.

The Preacher.

Ugly Brain.


(Be With You)Tonight.

Never No More.

Kicks Like A Mule.

Third Eye Open album personnel :-

Mike Ross – Guitar/Lead Vocals.

Derek Randall – Bass Guitar.

Darren Lee – Drums.

Jess Hayes – Vocals on ‘(Be With You)Tonight’

Ain't no dross on Third Eye Open, latest studio album recently released by Mike Ross!

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