Mia Klose interview

miakloseI spoke to Mia Klose recently and asked her a few questions about her music and upcoming shows including Hard Rock Hell AOR, NLC/RACPA festival and Sweden Rocks Festival.

First of all, for anyone who hasnt listened to you before, how would you describe your music?

It’s 80s inspired classic melodic rock.

You’re Swedish but live in the UK?

Yes that’s right.

Your debut album, London was released in August last year.  How has the reaction been to the album?

It’s been going so well really.  I’ve had great press feedback and had a one page feature in the Classic Rock AOR magazine at the end of last year, and the fans have been amazing, all around the world.  I’m really thrilled about how well it’s been going

What’s the song writing process – Do you write everything or is it more of a collaborative thing?

For this album I wrote it with two guys who aren’t in the band – a producer and another songwriter that I was collaborating with.  At the moment I’m writing stuff with the guys who are in the band, mostly the two guitarists.  Most of the time when I write it’s a collaboration with the guitarists – they have a riff and I have a melody and we try and make it fit together, or they might show me a riff and I’ll say “oh yeah I have this..” or its the opposite way round, so we always figure it out together

What are your inspirations for writing the lyrics?

There can be a lot of different sources.  It can be people I’ve met, places I’ve been to, feelings that I’ve had – lot’s of different things.

You’re playing with Hornet on 27th April .  Have you got any other shows planned?

We’re playing in Nottingham on the 4th May and we have Hard Rock Hell AOR which is a big festival we’re playing in Rotherham on 6th April and then we’re playing Sweden Rocks

You got on the bill for Sweden Rock festival after winning a vote by fans.  How did it feel to get the news?

It feels fucking great, it really does.  I’ve been going to that festival since I was 16 years old so I’ve been there quite a few times and it’s always got great bands playing there, and of course its a special place for me.

There are lots of great bands there including Rush, KISS, Europe, Doro, UFO and many more.

KISS are one of my favourite bands, along with Europe who are playing the festival as well.  For me it’s very special to play at the festival and to support those bands as well.

It’s got to be a highlight of the summer for you.

Definitely – that’s been a dream for a long time.

Hard Rock Hell AOR also has a good lineup.

Yes it does.  Skid Row who are playing, are another of my favourite bands.

What bands do you think have influenced your music?

My family, a lot of them are doing classical music, so I was obviously inspired by that from when I was little and listened to it a lot, but really for me now my favourite band is Guns’n’Roses – if I could only choose one band it would be Guns’n’Roses.  But I love Skid ROw, Europe, Def Leppard, Whitesnake – I take my inspiration from different sources, but I do like catchy tunes.

Which do you prefer and why – CD or legal mp3 downloads ?

I’m quite old fashioned when it comes to music so I always prefer to by the actual album.  I always pay for my music – I’ve never downloaded a track in my life that I haven’t paid for unless it’s been one the artist is giving away free.  Because they don’t always have the music I want in HMV, which is closing down anyway [Some stores stay open], then I started to buy from itunes about two years ago. Before then I always bought the physical album, so I have something to hold in my hand.  I like to have the booklet to look through, with the lyrics, and to have it in my little CD stash at home.

What was the last album you bought?

I think it was a KISS album I didn’t have.  I can’t remember the title of it, but I thought that since we’re playing with them then I want to know every single tune.

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