MFVF 2016 – Friday

Fridays at MFVF are normally more a social affair than anything else.  Yes there are usually some bands on, but it’s a chance for people who havent seen each other recently to catch up.  With no MFVF in 2015 then it was two years since I’d seen some people, and even longer with some who travel long distances (from Canada for example), so the evening was a great time to chat, drink beer, have fun, and of course enjoy some music.

This year instead of 3 bands, we got a selection of singers performing cover versions as well as their own songs in a similar way to the Eve’s Apples collaborations in some previous years.  They were performing on a small temporary stage which was badly situated to a side of the venue with the stage aimed at the seating area, leaving very little space for standing.

It was a fairly small intimate affair with not many people there on the friday night, and with a great team of singers and musicians we got some great music to listen to while we enjoyed the Belgian beer.  A great start to the weekend.

Lineup (to the best of my memory – I might have forgotten some, so apologise if thats the case).

Satsuki – vocals
Lindsay Schoolcraft – vocals and keyboards
Gaby Koss – vocals
Aziza Poggi – vocals
Iliana Tsakiraki – vocals
Maxi Nil – vocals
Sanna Salou – vocals
Kirsten Jørgensen – vocals
Dimitra Vintsou – vocals
Andrea Casanova – vocals
Kassandra Novell – vocals
Phyllis Rutter – vocals
Ana Carolina – vocals
Mike LePond – Bass
Joop De Rooij – Keyboards
Daniel Cruzan – Guitar

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