Metsatöll Premieres New Song “Lööme Mesti”


Estonian Folk Metallers Metsatöll will release their Karjajuht via Spinefarm Records on May 27th. The album is available for pre-order on Amazon.  It has been announced that the band will be returning to North America for a tour this fall.  Exact dates will be announced shortly.


Recently Lauri “Varulven” Õunapuu sat down with Metal Insider for an exclusive interview about the band, the new album and future plans.  In addition to the interview, Metal Insider is hosting an exclusive premiere of the song “Lööme Mesti”.  Check out the interview and song premiere HERE.


Metsatöll’s NSFW video for the song “Külmking”, check it out in its gory glory HERE.


On February 24, 1999, three men held a meeting at the borders of the Pääsküla bog in Estonia, in the singer and guitar player Markus’s basement, one of whom could play a little bit of guitar, another who knew how to play a little bit of drums, and a third who had come up with a sufficiently ancient-sounding name that would be just right for a heavy metal band – ‘Metsatöll’ (the name “Metsatöll” is an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf).


Jump 14 years, over 500 performances and 70,000 sold records later and we get to 2013 – the year Karjajuht was brought to life in the studio.


2013 took off to a flying start – Metsatöll gave two gigs for the soldiers of Estonia, USA, UK and Denmark in Afghanistan, at the Helman province. Followed by a trip to Southern Asia, the band went on a European tour with Korpiklaani (FIN) – 40 shows were given in 15 countries.


Metsatöll and Samuel Ruotsalainen produced the album. The tracks were recorded and mixed by Keijo Koppel and Marko Atso at the RoundSound Studios in Tallinn in September and October 2013.

Following the recording Metsatöll performed at festivals and in November set out on a 32-show tour in North America with Finntroll (FIN) and Blackguard (CAN). Altogether, the band played 107 concerts in 2013.


Karjajuht Track Listing:

1) Külmking

2) Lööme Mesti

3) See On See Maa

4) Must Hunt

5) Terasest Taotud Tee

6) Öö

7) Tôrrede Kôhtudes

8)  Metslase Veri

9) Surmamüür

10) Mullast

11) Karjajuht

12) Talisman



Metsatöll Lineup:

Markus – vocals, guitars

Lauri – vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, ängipill, mouth harp, goathorn, acoustic guitars

Kuriraivo – bass, stump instrument, stink drum, vocals

Atso – drums, vocal



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