METAL TANK RECORDS re-releases Panikks’ “Unbearable Conditions”

Metal Tank Records are set to re-released the long-time sold out album from one of the major Slovenian thrash metal acts; PANIKK, entitled “Unbearable Conditions”. The second edition features alternative packaging and advanced track-listing.

Mastermind “Gapa Flere” comments: “Expect nothing but sick untamed bay area thrash metal in the vein of VIO-LENCE, EVILDEAD, SEPULTURA, DEMOLITION HAMMER, FORCED ENTRY and ACID REIGN. Be prepared to head-bang on some killer tunes devoted to the true old school fanaticism!”

panikk_promo1. Panic Attack
2. Dismay
3. Messiah of Decay
4. Away from Reality (Instrumental)
5. The Wave of Death
6. Playground of Visions
7. Revelation Of Truth (Acoustics)
8. Cruel World (Society to Adapt)
9. Unbearable Conditions
10. Dismay (First ever recorded version)

Preview from  “”Unbearable Conditions”:


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