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Massive Wagons

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On 14 April 2016
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With distinctive old-school Hard Rock sounds laced with fast track new wave Heavy Metal, flawless riffs and a party-hard Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude, Massive Wagon’s latest album is an instant winner.

Lancastrian Hard-Rockers Massive Wagons are set to release their third studio album on 29th April, titled Welcome To The World. The latest album comes as the result of a support campaign through PledgeMusic, which gave the dedicated followers of Massive Wagons an opportunity to show their support and gain an insight into the production process, get their hands on exclusive merchandise, and of course, the new album.

Massive Wagons are a band made for the road, and based on their extensive tour schedule and the opportunities I’ve had to see them live, it’s safe to say they’re a serious crowd-pleaser. If Massive Wagons are playing locally, you’d better hope you’re not in work the next day, because these guys know how to tear a place up.

This is a group of lads who have managed to develop their sound to a whole new level over the past few years, and managed to grow into one serious Rock ‘n’ Roll band who are a true testament to the old school Hard Rock acts they’ve been influenced by.

Additionally, the band have always been surrounded by like-minded musicians, namely those who are also signed to Off Yer Rocka Recordings, which I expect had a great impact on their progression.

Following on from previous releases, Welcome To The World offers a real variety of styles and distinctive sounds, which makes it so refreshing to listen to, rather than being bombarded with a list of defined tracks from a one trick pony.

The album opens with Nails, which follows the example of previous albums and throws the listener straight into the deep end of full steam ahead fast-paced Rock ‘n’ Roll.

It’s an awesome track which doesn’t wait around for you to get comfortable, and instead demonstrates pure unadulterated metal, which incorporates thick traces of everything from Motorhead to Metallica and Slayer, making an instant statement as if to say “this is what you’ve all been waiting for since the last album!”.


Title track Welcome To The World is a really intriguing song, and really well-written. ‘Rock won’t die, as long as we’re alright’ is a line from the chorus, which is met with a mix of up-beat verses alongside bludgeoning riffs and mixed signal lyrics. This is the one song which tormented my brain for way too long after I heard it, thanks to it’s catchy lyrics and melody.

This progresses into the echoing drum beat and bass line opening for Ratio, which sounds very similar to the intro to Primal Scream by Motley Crue, and evolves into what I can only describe as an Arena track. It’s such a huge song that comes across supremely powerful, with a kickass chorus dominated by the lyrics “go to a place where the beer is cheap, the craic is good and the jukebox is free”.

The only song I’d heard from this album ahead of its release was Shit Sweat Death, which the band played at Hard Rock Hell Festival last year. The track is laced with different stylings, the Bluesy slide guitar intro soon takes a massive stride into what I’d describe as jager-fuelled fast-paced NWOBHM ready to blow your socks off through your shoes.

The Day We Fell was a really unexpected addition to the album, simply based on its incorporation of Pirate Metal (not to the intensity of Alestorm mind you) into their already unique style. Ordinarily this is a style I wouldn’t expect to give the time of day, but it was incredibly well executed, yet again packing it with fast-paced riffs and centre-stage solos which rounded the track off awesomely.

If I had to pick a favourite track, it would have to be Fighting Jack, based on all the nostalgic elements it manages to incorporate with such ease. From the squealing guitar intro to the progressive guitar sequences, and finally the vocals, which followed the same arrangement as Still Of The Night by Whitesnake, how could I ask for more?

I think what makes Massive Wagons stand out from the crowd is the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously – they take the music for what it is, which is an awesome list of tracks to rock out too, and it’s about enjoying what you do and having a good time while you do it.

Overall, this album is more than a step in the right direction for Massive Wagons, who have proven themselves as leaders in the fight to keep Rock ‘n’ Roll alive.

Recommended Track – Fighting Jack

Based on all the nostalgic elements it manages to incorporate with such ease, it’s clear that this is the music brought forward by a group of 80’s kids who have been heavily influenced by the Hair Metal generation, and I’m glad they have.

Track Listing

1. Nails
2. Tokyo
3. Welcome To The World
4. Ratio
5. Shit Sweat Death
6. The Day We Fell
7. Fighting Jack
8. Jodie
9. Aeroplane
10. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

Tour Dates

15th April – O2 Academy, Sheffield (w/ Trucker Diablo & Screaming Eagles)
16th April – O2 ABC, Glasgow (w/ Trucker Diablo & Screaming Eagles)
28th April – O2 Academy, Leicester (w/ SKAM & Screaming Eagles)
29th April – O2 Academy, Islington (w/ Chase The Ace & Screaming Eagles)
30th April – Rebellion, Manchester (w/ Thirteen Stars & Screaming Eagles)

With distinctive old-school Hard Rock sounds laced with fast track new wave Heavy Metal, flawless riffs and a party-hard Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude, Massive Wagon’s latest album is an instant winner.

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