Massive Wagons – Interview with Adam Thistlethwaite

I spoke to Adam Thistlethwaite (guitar) from Massive Wagons ahead Les Fest this weekend to discuss why they wanted to play Les Fest, and why theirs is the set to watch.


There are only a few days now until Les Fest in Scotland, how excited are you about playing there?

Always excited for festival gigs, great way to meet new people and make new fans.


What is it that you’re most looking forward to?

Being in that festival environment with mates is a buzz, plus loads of bands we like are playing so we’ll be getting stuck in to the banter! Maybe one or two alcoholic beverages.


This is the second year of Les Fest, do you know what to expect?

Quality bands in a great location. It’s fair to say most of the bands, including us, are relatively unheard of, but I don’t mean that as a bad thing at all. I know the organisers have done their homework, so it truly is a festival made up of the best up and comings. You can be sure there are no weak links in the line up and I can guarantee some of the bands will blow up in a big way in the near future. Also there will be midges. Lots of midges.


Why did you want to play Les Fest?  What feedback have you heard from last year’s Les Fest?

All good stuff! I know the organisers must have been swamped with band applicants as every band we know has been desperate for a slot. Plus being the only festival in Scotland of it’s type gives a certain uniqueness to the event and a great way to connect with that part of the world, where rock and metal plays such a big part in the scene.


Can you explain how your band began?

We were mates before anything. We used to kick around together and go watch local bands, one day we thought we’d have a go at it ourselves. Nothing has changed really, we still love live music and are serious gig heads, only now we usually get a go on stage too!


What’s been one of the biggest highlights so far?

Opening the main stage at Hard Rock Hell in December was a blast, playing Rock City in March is right up there too. Getting to meet your heroes and have them treat you as a contemporary is such a good feeling.


For those going to Les Fest who may not have seen you play before, could you describe your music?

Hard rock and roll. We wear our classic rock influences on our sleeve and leave bullshit at the door. Live is where we are in our element, honestly we give it everything we have.


If you could choose one Massive Wagons song to encourage everyone to come and see your set, what would it be?

Fight The System, heavy, bluesy and melodic. Although we have a new album out later in the year and I would encourage people to get that!


Do you have anything special planned for your set?

Every set ends up being unique in some way, we love the spontaneity of the live performance. Being back in Scotland we’re bound to get the highland fling going at some point!


How are you travelling up to the festival?  Do you have any eventful road trip stories when you’ve travelled to festivals?

None that should be repeated! We travel up in the band van, the five of us, manager and engineer generally all together so  the potential for tomfoolery is high. Actually I remember last years Les Fest, we got too ‘refreshed’ to pitch the tents, so most of us slept on the grass in our undies. The trick is saving the majority of the boozing for after the set and tent pitching.


Is there anything you would like to say to those who are going to Les Fest?

See you at the bar! Come say Hi :)




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