Marvlec e.p – What Are You Waiting For


After the 1st play  of this  3 track e.p by Coral Springs, Florida based band Marvlec, the 1st 2 words that sprung to mind were melody and muscle. The songs have the hooks for radio play but they still rock hard enough to keep metal fans happy. Also, considering how young the band are, the songs are very well crafted and their  self produced  e.p is  of  a very high standard.

The title track’s chopping riff gives way to huge power chords before the vocals of  Dave Hamilton surge in. He has a style similar to Eddie Vedder which is no bad thing as it soars over the music which reminds me of now defunct U.S band Quicksand. The main riff  is joined by a 2nd guitar weaving in and out to great effect as the song crashes to a close. 2nd track Pack And Run begins with another huge riff and a strong vocal hook. It is a tad slower than the opener but the snapping drums of  Scott Dotson keep it in line. The guitars are right up in the mix as a shout of  “guitar” at 2.25 mins heralds a killer solo. Endeavour,the  final track and the longest of the e.p lasting at just over 5 mins begins with a gentle picked guitar passage and a single drum beat is followed by a scything guitar riff which builds into a huge chorus of  “That this is where you belong, and you should try and be strong, this could never be wrong, as we endeavour!”. A crushing breakdown and another fine melodic guitar solo fade into the guitar pattern that opened the song

An excellent start to the recording career of Marvlec and it is a shame that the e.p  only consists of the 3 songs as i would like to have heard more material. The e.p has a UK release of May 15th. Marvlec formed in 2009 as a duet with the 4th and final member Gustavo Lombana Jr. only joining in Jan. 2011.


Marvlec band line up :-

Dave Hamilton- Vocals/Lead guitar.

Scott Dotson- Drums.

Ben May- Bass.

Gustavo Lombana Jr.- Rhythm Guitar.

E.p track listing :-

What Are You Waiting For.

Pack And Run.



I award the e.p 9.5/10.


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