Mark Spiro/It’s a beautiful life cd

Mark Spiro is an American singer-songwriter with an impressive track record – 45 gold and platinum records, and six solo albums. He’s written songs for a number of films and TV series – most notably the song “Mighty Wings” which was performed by Cheap Trick for the film Top Gun.
He’s written songs that have been recorded by bands including Heart, Winger and REO Speedwagon. Cheap Trick, Bad English, Winger and Kansas to name a few, so to me this man is an AOR God.
So this is something I was looking forward to playing over and over again.
Sadly that excitement didn’t last long. The vocals are beautiful, the songs ooze class and the guitar is played beautifully and melodic. However it’s the rhythm section, or lack of it, that I have a problem with, the drumming is “just there”, in fact on a few songs there is no real drumming at all, just obvious samples and drum machines. The bass is tempered to such a degree that it’s hard to notice on a few songs, the whole record is very “safe”, and considering he has co-wrote some kiss ass songs with Winger and Bad English, I was expecting more. In fact he only really rocks out on ‘Might As Well Be Me’, a classic melodic rocker with a strong chorus.

The songs while all perfectly pleasant to listen to, but are lacking in anything to make them stand out and be memorable, after it had finished I had no desire to revisit it, in fact not one song stuck in my mind at all, and that is a shame.
The man has talent, that there is no argument, this release however seems rather lame. It is just to nice, to Easy listening, more background music than anything else. Maybe he is taking the Title track to heart, as he does have a Beautiful life.

I really can’t get excited about this album I’m afraid. No doubt quite a few Melodic Rock/West Coast AOR fans will probably like it, and some may even think it’s the best thing ever, but for me it’s just a disappointing 6/10

“It’s a beautiful life” was released on 30th January 2012 on AOR Heaven.
Track listing:

01. It’s a beautiful life
02. I know who I love
03. Come back to me
04. Love struck dumb
05. Go another mile
06. Dance the lonely spotlight
07. Might as well be me
08. Brand new beautiful day
09. Dream big, pray hard
10. Everything I do

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