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Marisa And The Moths
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On 18 November 2019
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An exhilarating debut album to say the least.


The self titled debut album from Reading based Marisa And The Moths is a bakers dozen of tunes that totally captivate from the pile driving opener ‘Needy’ to the haunting closer ‘Everything Is Going Swimmingly’. Fronted by the honey coated vocals of Marisa Rodriguez, it commands your total attention and is not just some background music! Available as a download from Spotify, iTunes or their Bandcamp page that also has a physical CD option. ‘Needy’, their latest single eases in on a wistful, laid back vocal and sparse chords into bombastic, riff heavy choruses and a cathartic vocal outro. ‘How Did You Get So Weak?’, a heart worn on the sleeve vocal tour de force is backed by heavy riffs and wiry guitar lines as a fretboard burning solo from Sophie Lloyd blazes away. Booming bass lines during ‘Skin’ add a base for a belligerent vocal and guitar attack.

Headphone crushing riffs in ‘Choke’ are cranked up to eleven, vie for attention with jarring indie passages. An angelic piano backed vocal for ‘Tied Up’ is a shivering start to a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Rhythms that seem to creep up on you from behind in ‘Turn Off’ add muscle to a pleading vocal. Trippy drum patterns from Jason Wilson give ‘Human’ an alternative edge to the full on Sabbath like bluster of riffs as the outro vocal heads up into the stratosphere. Earworm guitar lines cut through the claustrophobic rhythms of ‘Slave’ as the vocals shift from frail to bilious. Time seemed to stand still for four minutes as the luscious balladry of ‘Baby Goodnight’ enchanted as it went from a whisper to a boisterous close. Touches of ‘Even Flow’ in the intro to ’69’ gave way to a seductive, slow burning vibe. ‘Easy Target’ hit the bullseye with demolition ball power. Undulating rhythms and snappy snare drums add the bite to a menacingly crooned vocal for ‘Look What You’ve Done’, but my album highlight is the sarcastically titled ‘Everything Is Going Swimmingly’ is one last tug of the heart strings as sparse piano work and the most emotive vocal on the album is jaw dropping!

Album track listing :-


How Did You Get So Weak?



Tied Up.

Turn Off.



Baby Goodnight.


Easy Target.

Look What You’ve Done.

Everything Is Going Swimmingly.

Marisa And The Moths band line up :-

Marisa Rodriguez – Lead vocals/guitar.

Liam Barnes – Bass guitar.

Jason Wilson – Drums.

Sophie Lloyd – Lead guitar.

Chris Merton – Guitar.



An exhilarating debut album to say the least.

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