Malevolence – Antithetical (Carbon Medien)

Hailin51GQokuu+WL._SL500_AA280_g from Portugal and have been around since 1994, this release is their 3rd full length. The band includes in its line-up Aires Pereira from Moonspell. There is not a lot of information regarding this band which whisks up an air of mystique even before the music starts. From the opening track “Slithering” there is an air of Fear Factory “Demanufacture” about the production and the futuristic sound that the likes of Meshuggah conjures up. “Cult of Everlasting” maintains the pressure but introducing a Nevermore vibe to proceedings, it is that bit more melodic than the opener but without losing the brutality. “Exocortex Momentum” keeps up with all the essential elements that keeps this kind of music out of the mainstream it also introduces an almost progressive feel and adds a more thrash feel, it appears to step outside the bands comfort zone. It is the song on the album that displays the band’s full dynamics. Overall it is a solid album with a superb production that fills the room and will please fans of extreme metal who want something more than straight ahead speed and brutality. Hopefully they will not wait so long until their next release.




1. Slithering

2. Cult of the Everlasting

3. Devoured Unlimited

4. Antithetical

5. Equilibrium in Extremis

6. Exocortex Momentum

7. Mechanisms of Destructive Behaviour


Line – up

Aires Pereira      Bass

Fred Noel            Guitars

Paulo Pereira     Keyboards, Programming

Carlos Cariano   Guitars, Vocals


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