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On 3 January 2015
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A great album with some superb vocals from singer Aline.

Lyria - CatharsisLyria are a Symphonic Alternative Metal from Brazil that was founded by singer and songwriter Aline Happ.  After a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 they released their debut album, Catharsis.

So, what can you expect from the album?  Well for a start you have the beautiful mezzo soprano vocals from Aline.  The vocals range from clear and powerful to softer and more emotional, and sound great throughout.  The music is dominated by the guitars and the heavy guitar driven sound contrasts nicely with Aline’s vocals without overpowering them.  Throw in good solid druming and bass and that’s the core of the musical sound.  The use of symphonic elements is fairly sparing in general – it adds some additional depth and richness to the sound, but it’s clear as you listen that this is music that can be played live and will sound great even if the symphonic parts aren’t used.  With some bands when you take away the samples etc then things just don’t work, but here I’m sure they will.

If you haven’t listened to Lyria yet then check out this video for “Jester”.  If you like it then I’d definitely recommend buying the album.

Track listing:

1. The True War
2. Revenge
3. Jester
4. The Phoenix Cry
5. Reflection
6. Insanity
7. The Phoenix Rebirth
8. Light And Darkness
9. What Do You Want From Me?
10. Craven

A great album with some superb vocals from singer Aline.

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