Lunocode, ‘Celestial Harmonies’

There are some albums that you can’t wait to hear, months before they are released. Others you’ll get told about by friends, and then get to check them out but the special ones are the ones you stumble across totally by accident, and as if by fate end up finding a real gem, this is that album.
Hand on heart this is as good a compilation of stunningly beautiful ,female fronted progressive rock/metal as I have ever heard (and I’ve heard over 30 years worth).
Opening track ’Sin Cara’ is a solid prog tinged opener, ’Heart Of The World’ follows with it’s Kate Bush esque vibe ,complete with flute intro, leading into the simply stunning ‘Indifference’ featuring Olaf Thorsen, with it’s lighters in the air riffs and immense guitar solo.
‘Misty Visions Of An Ordinary Day’ again reminds one of 70’s Kate Bush but with a much harder and darker edge, mighty stuff indeed.
All however that comes before must take a step back to await the arrival of ‘The Origin Of Matter And Mind’, a blink of an eye short of 30 minutes of epic conceptual musical art based around the story of mankinds launching of animals into space in the name of progress. Broken into six separate sections this could quite easily justify being a release on it’s own, beginning with ethereal instrumentals before building to the crescendo of ‘Tree Of Life’ and ‘Crossing The Line’ and then fading into the sadness of ‘Albert 11’ all creating a truly memorable piece of music that will live on in the minds of all that are fortunate to hear it.
In short, I’ve tried finding fault in this album but I simply can’t, so go check it out for yourselves, now.

Rating 10/10.

Luna code are;
Paride Mazzoni – Guitar.
Giordano Boncompagni – Guitar.
Francesco Rossi – Bass.
Perseo Mazzoni – Drums.
Daphne Romano – Vocals.

Out now via Spider Rock Promotion

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Rock/Metal junkie living in beautiful Anglesey.Love live music and have a musical taste which can go from Cannibal Corpse to Kate Bush in the blink of an eye.