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Liv Sin

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On 15 April 2017
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An excellent album of unapologetic Heavy Metal

Liv Sin embarks on a new chapter with her hard hitting debut solo album ‘Follow Me’

After thirteen years playing in Sister Sin, when the band finally called it a day in 2015 it must have been a very strange feeling for vocalist Liv Jagrell . However, obviously not a person that likes to sit still for too long, Liv returns with a new band in tow and a debut solo album that’s filled with old school, fist pumping Metal

Choosing the opening track for an album is a really important task in my view, so much hangs on that first impression. So when your ears are hit by the blast wave that is ‘The Fall’, you instantly know that you’re in for one hell of a ride. The Priestesque riffs, the killer solos, Liv’s aggressive vocal, all coming together wonderfully to forge a really polished sound. Not that the rest of the album falls short either, with classics in the making such as ‘Let Me Out’ with its horns in the air, sing a long chorus. The deliciously subdued intro to ‘Black Souls’, the anthemic ‘Endless Roads’ (fast becoming my favourite track on the album) or the crushing ‘Immortal Sin’, the high standard is maintained throughout

Co-produced by long time Accept and U.D.O. member Stefan Kaufmann and U.D.O. bassist Fitty Wienhold, the overall sound compliments Livs vocal style incredibly well, no mean feat either as she possesses such a powerful voice that it could easily have swamped everything around it but with much credit due, they have succeeded in finding that perfect balance between raw power and melody

Although essentially a solo project, Liv has gathered a really talented bunch of musicians together for this album, with some of Patrick Ankemark’s solos being particularly jaw dropping, all backed by the incredibly reliable engine room of Chris Bertzel on guitar, powered by Tommie Winther (Bass) and Per Bjelovuk (Drums), which all points to a killer live band when the time comes to hit the road

With ‘Follow Me’, Liv has clearly demonstrated that despite closing the door on what was a huge part of her life in Sister Sin, she obviously feels that she has a lot of unfinished business in terms of musical expression and output. The great thing about Liv is that she just lives and breathes Metal, and that total devotion to the cause means that ‘Follow Me’ could quite easily surpass anything she has done before, a solid slab of unapologetic Heavy Metal that ticks all the boxes

Recommended Track – The Fall


Track Listing ;

The Fall


Let Me Out

Black Souls

Godless Utopia

Endless Roads

Killing Ourselves To Live (featuring Schmeir from Destruction)

I’m Your Sin

Emperor Of Chaos

Immortal Sin

The Beast Inside



Line Up;

Liv Jagrell – Vocals

Patrick Ankemark – Lead Guitar

Per Bjelovuk – Drums

Tommie Winther – Bass

Chris Bertzell – Guitar



‘Follow Me’ sees its release via Despotz Records on April28th




An excellent album of unapologetic Heavy Metal

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