Life of Agony – A Place Where There’s No More Pain

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Life of Agony

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On 1 June 2017
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Triumphant return of Life of Agony with this their first new studio release in 12 years. Get some Agony back into your life!

Life Of Agony – A place where there’s no more pain

It has been 12 years since Life of Agony‘s last record and many question marks as to whether or not we would ever see another one. The re-energised band hit the festival circuit a few years back and proved without a doubt they were still a force that could cut it in modern day music. From the opener “Meet my Maker” it is obvious that there has been no shift to being something that they are not, familiar guitar sounds with that unmistakable bounce they have become renowned for.

Life Of Agony are a band that have a sound of a time when boundaries of genres were becoming more blurred and this record transports you back to that time. NYC was delivering a bands like Type O Negative and MTV was pushing the revolution which Europe picked up on quicker than the USA.

Not to say this is in anyway a backward looking nostalgic piece, it is vibrant and very much a record for now. “A New Low” has a dark undercurrent of a riff highlighted by sparsely plucked notes leading into an Alice In Chains style vocals before plummeting into familiar heavy weight Life Of Agony riffs.

A song very much for a modern world at the moment is “World gone Mad”, an upbeat track reminiscent of tracks like “Weeds” which highlights the band’s ability to combine weight and produce  memorable choruses that stick like glue and once heard never forgotten. “Little Spots of You” ends the album which is a sombre and sparse piano driven morose ballad ending with the sound of the end of a vinyl playing, a fitting end to album full of hooks and driving enthusiasm. A superb huge sounding production as one would expect from this band. Life of Agony haven’t been as big as they should have  hopefully this record will go a long way to remedying that.



  1. Meet My Maker
  2. Right This Wrong
  3. A Place Where There’s No More Pain
  4. Dead Speak Kindly
  5. A New Low
  6. World Gone Mad
  7. Bag of Bones
  8. Walking Catastrophe
  9. Song For The Abused
  10. Little Spots Of You

Band Members

Mina Caputo – Vocals

Alan Robert – Bass

Joey Z – Guitar

Sal Abruscato – Drums

Life of Agony Official




Triumphant return of Life of Agony with this their first new studio release in 12 years. Get some Agony back into your life!

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