Lets Play God Review, Hammerfest.

Lets Play God have everything you want in a rock and roll, heavy metal band and more. Rob Grinch is definitely the centre of attention. He has a variety of eccentric poses and gives all he has to interacting and entertaining the spectators. Who love him, he had them all laughing with his comedy antics in between the songs. He has an inspiring energy that is rare in front men.

They launch their set with ‘D.T.A’ coming straight in with Rob Grinch vocals, brining in a riff that hits you like a slap in the face.

‘Skyscraper’ for me was the better song, it had a hidden groove with a layer of aggression. After this song their performance and set just got better and better.

Rob is vocally strong putting across rough growling vocals giving their rock and roll element an abundant punch.  Their music have riffs that give a electric charge flow, their rhythm is harsh and rapid giving it that heavy metal feel, moving it away from the rock and roll genre.

They finished off with ‘Faded in Time’ and ‘Spineless’. The audience were gagging for more. When they came off stage they had a herd of people just surround them to congratulate them on a great show.

The atmosphere was great, they had a great turnout and we all could get up close and personal to the stage, taking in the heat and sweat from the players. It would be great to witness Lets Play God on second stage, they had so much energy but could only use a limited amount, from lack of space, but they used everything to their advantage. I am keeping my eye out on these guys, as they are definitely heading in the right direction for success.


Lets Play God is

Rob Grinch – Vocals
Gregg Clark – Guitar
Chris Clarke – Bass
John Coll – Drums

Set List 

Negative Impact
Force Fed
Suck It Up
Judgement Day
Faded in Time









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