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On 3 April 2019
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An album that will lead to much higher things for this hugely talented band



Left For Red show their primary colours with the release of this impressive album ‘Human Complex’

I guess it was a kind of conformation of the quickening of time as you get older moment, when it suddenly dawned on me that this bunch have been in existence for nearly ten years now. That fact alone should be cause for celebration when you consider the volatile nature of the business these days, and of the not insignificant barriers that a lot of bands face in trying to pursue that passion and dream that kicked everything off in the first place.

Left For Red have developed and matured beyond recognition with the release of ‘Human Complex’, I was instantly struck by the quality and diverse nature of the tracks in general, and in the way the album as a whole just slots together like a jigsaw

The theme of the album falls around the many different human emotions and mental health issues that have to be dealt with as we stumble through this strange but beautiful thing called life ( the title itself being a play on the phrase God Complex) but although the subject matter at times may be deep and thought provoking, the album more than packs a punch, with wave after wave of melody and catchy riffs washing over you

‘Switchblade Romance’ is a track that I seriously have not been able to get out of my head since I first heard it, crushing riffage dueled with a totally addictive chorus that just burrows under your skin. ’Hand Of God’, four minutes of majestic brutality, slamming you against the wall. A theme that continues with the complex and wonderfully structured ’Tame The Tides’, a song that the more you listen to the more you realise how good it is. The album is of course as heavy as heavy can be, and we would expect nothing less from Left For Red but there are more sedate moments here and there which produce a welcome cool down feeling. ’Sunrise Bring Serenity’ is a perfect choice as an album closer with its soft vocal and beautiful piano passages, bringing an unashamedly melodic rock vibe to the party

Left For Red have long been highly thought of on the live circuit, and rightly so. However, with ‘Human Complex’, the band really do take things up a notch, delivering an album that is polished and slick but loses none of its raw energy and enthusiasm, ticking all the right boxes along the way

If you want to see and hear what the best of British Metal is all about then look no further than these guys

Recommended Track – ’Switchblade Romance’

Track Listing ;

1. Dancing With Misery
2. Switchblade Romance
3. Slaves To Causality
4. Leech
5. The Circus
6. Hand Of God
7. The Storm
8. Journey Within
9. Tame The Tides
10. Sunrise Bring Serenity

‘Human Complex’ is self released on April the 6th




An album that will lead to much higher things for this hugely talented band

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