Last Great Dreamers – The Corporation, Sheffield – 9th December 2018

Sunday night at The Corporation, Sheffield and Last Great Dreamers are putting on a Christmas show with special guests  Leeds own Boomville which features guitarist Mark Yates of Terrorvision fame.  And they’ve also brought along with them compere and comedian Pete K Mally.

It’s not every day you have a compere to warm up the crowd at a rock gig, but Pete K Mally is no ordinary compere, he’s a rock and roll comedian, of which I’ve had the previous pleasure of his witty band related banter!  Introducing and telling us a little about himself Pete recalls an interview piece in which he was asked his favourite food, which is a kebab. Laughter erupts from the crowd as he holds up the printed article with a full-blown picture of the kebab, which centres over the other interesting facts about him in the article.  Bantering with the crowd about which famous bands Sheffield has produced, Def Leppard is one, who, apparently can’t spell their own name!


Compere Pete K Mally

Putting the BOOM into Boomville

The hot to trot fourpiece from Leeds featuring guitarist Mark Yates of Terrorvision fame weren’t scraping the barrel as they played their first and only come back show of the year. What a shame if you couldn’t make it along tonight as you missed a corker.  They even have their own Boomville Theme tune, that instantly got the crowd going, not only were their fans a be-bopping down the front but fans of Last Great Dreamers seemed to be in appreciation as well.

Singer Craig Brauns has a great voice but he apologised for being a little husky sounding tonight, not that you’d noticed;  it seemed to fit right in with their bluesy upbeat dirty rock ‘n’ roll sound on Hot Leather. I don’t think anyone was left cold after that number.

There’s a great vibe amongst the crowd and Boomville are part of the reason. With a bit of old skool rock-a-billy on Razor Blades guitarist Mark, rips out the riffs, as Ben Moran slaps those bass strings into submission. With his tambourine, Craig shakes, rattles and rolls to the upbeat rhythm provided by Tribo Civolani bashing away on the drums, and it just makes for an incredible live song.  Playing the sassy Sylvia and Jane before closing with the Boomville theme tune, you can’t help but feel really delighted and the smiles in the crowd confirm this.

Setlist – Barrel of a Gun | Boomville Theme tune  | Hot Leather | Co-Pilot |Putting my heart on e-bay |Beggin | Razor Blades | Tarmac| Sylvia & Jane | Hanging Around |Boomville Theme tune.

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Craig Brauns, Boomville


I think the crowd like Peter, who’s quite warm and friendly for a comedian. And it’s a good job as he returns to the stage to fill the void whilst the stage gets set up for Last Great Dreamers show.  Making a few jokes about fire exits and discussing football teams with the audience.  It’s not long before he welcomes the Last Great Dreamers.

Last Great Dreamers are in a jovial mood as they show their festive spirit during their Christmas show this evening

Singer Marc Valentine, is dressed in a rather dapper red velvet jacket and his trademark bowler hat, maybe he was going for a modern-day Santa Claus look? As he threw out a couple of gift-wrapped boxes into the crowd, one lucky recipient caught and un-wrapped a box, but it turned out to be empty…not even a lump of coal inside …ho ho ho!

At least their setlist was a cracker! From the exuberant opener Primitive Man, Denely tub thumps away at the drums, Slyder glides effortlessly on his guitar to the rhythmic beat of this catchy little number.  Joining the band for their Xmas shows is stand- in bassist Mr Steve.  I think I like it, he, fits in well with the band.  Playing crowd favourites from their latest album 13th Floor Renegades and golden oldies like Werewolves and Glitterball Apocalypse their fans are all beaming with smiles and even the Boomville fans have taken a liking and are rocking out down the front, and what’s not to like from the power-pop rockers, who are full of get-up-and-go.

When the atmosphere at gigs is good; it makes them even more special. It’s like been taken on a musical journey far away from your own distractions. And the only interruption came when Slyder broke a guitar string, their lyric ‘is there anybody there, who can help me’ springs to mind.

Pete, our favourite rock comedian is cued to the stage whilst they sort out their technical issues, a busted guitar string won’t stop these renegades. Back, on track, they power on with their set of almost 20 songs.

I like how the band dip into different genres from the punkish feel of Dope school to the Southern country blues of Miles Away.  If you’re not familiar with Last Great Dreamers and I was to suggest tracks to check out it would be  Oblivion Kids and closing number Last Great Dreamer as these two songs really sum up the feel of the band.

They might not be born to silver or made in chains of gold but Last Great Dreamers certainly put a little fire in everyone’s heart this evening.

Set List : Primitive Man|I think I Like it|New Solution|Werewolves|Only Crime|Glitterball Apocalypse|13th Floor Renegades|Mary Wants|Broke things|Miles Away|Superboy Disaster|White Light, Black Heart|Whose side are you on?|Far from Home|Ashtray Eyes|Dope School |Oblivion Kids|Last Great Dreamer

I look forward to catching more of Last Great Dreamers later in 2019.

Last Great Dreamers


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